Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Poorvaanga 19 to 31 English Lecture

Sri Lalita Tripurasundari

Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Poorvaanga Slokas 19 to 31.

A principal text of Shakti worshipers, it describes the goddess’ various attributes in the form of names organized in a hymn. This sahasranama is used in various modes of worship of the Divine Mother such as parayana (recitations), archana, and homa. A different but less popular version[2] of the Lalita Sahasranama can also be found in the purva bhaga of the Narada Purana. The names are organized as hymns, or stotras, but are often broken into mantras to represent all 1000 names. Therefore, the Sahasranama can be chanted in stotra form, or namavali form. The Lalita Saharanama is one of the only sahasranamas that has exactly 1000 names without repetition, an aspect which cannot be seen in other Sahasranamas of gods like Vishnu, Shiva (where the total names are either lesser or more than 1000).

Generally, sahasranamas use the artifice of adding words like tu, api, ca, and hi, which are conjunctions that do not necessarily add to the meaning of the name except in cases of interpretation. The Lalita Sahasranama does not use any such auxiliary conjunctions and is unique in being an enumeration of holy names that meets the metrical, poetical and mystic requirements of a sahasranama by their order throughout the text.

Etymologically, Lalita means “She Who Plays”. In its root form, the word Lalita means “spontaneous” from which the meaning “easy” is derived and implicitly extends to “play”.

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