Navaratri Alankaram Nine Days Of Devi Attire.

It is tradition to attire the Goddess in Her various avatars during the nine Days Of Navaratri.

Note – Navratri day 9 and 10 are marked on same date in many calendars.
In South India, Goddess Durga is worshipped during the first three days.
Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped during the next three days.
Goddess Saraswathi is worshipped during the last three days

The tenth day is celebrated as Dasara or Vijaya Dashami.

Photo Essay.

Bangaru Kamakshi, Kanchipuram.



Annapoorna Alankaram Day 2
Meenakshi Alankaram Day 3
Raja Rajeswari Alankaram Day 4
Bhuvaneswari Alankaram Day 5
Matangi Day 6
Kasi Visalakshi Day 7
Durga Day 8
Saraswati Alankar.image
Saraswati Alankar


Lalitha Tripurasundari image.image
Lalitha Tripurasundari

Sri Vidya Tripura Sundari Upasna Maha Shoda Nyasa

Nyasa is a ritual where the individual touches various parts of the body with specific Mantras to purify these parts.

In Tripurasundari Upasana, Sri Vidya as well, the performing of the ritual is mandatory.

I have been hunting down for information on these texts and I mentally vowed six months ago. to start writing on Shakti again, I have published quite a few articles on on Shakti and Shakthi Peeetha.

I have found some information on these subjects which I am sharing.

This information is rare and is not easily available.

Devi Upasana Authoritative Texts To Follow

Adi Shankaracharya had also written on this subject, apart from the Soundaryalahari,in Prapanchasaara.

In Tamil Devi Upasana is explained in the Thirumaniram of Thirmoolar and in the Abirami Andhaadi of Abhirami Bhattar.

Very recently Ramana Maharishis’s disciple Kavyakanda Ganapathy sastri has written Dasa Mahavidya.

These are the sources of the Devi Upasana and no other text has the authority on this Subject.

I am writing this, as, after posting a few articles on this subject,I have come to know that unscrupulous people posing as Gurus have misled people

,initiating them of SriVidya about which they know nothing,

quoting some text,s and have landed people into serious physical and mental problems.

I have warned of this in my post earlier.

Devi Upasana Dasa Mahavidya Details

They are.

MahaTripura Sundari (or Shodasi-Sri Vidya),
Bhuvaneshvari ,
Matangi, and
A word of caution,
These Vidyas are highly esoteric and have to be followed only under the Guidance of A guru and with the necessary
These, among others Specified Diet and norms of Behavior.
Straying from the set path will lead one to lose his mental stability.
At the physical level,back pain will be severe.
This is the first indication that your practice is incorrect

What is Tantra? Devi Upasana

The Devi Worshippers or Shaktas are of many kinds,of which three are important.

1.Those who follow 64 Tantras.-Ananta Shastry in the introducton to Anandalahari.(Kaulachara.

2.Eight Tantras-Mishra and

3.Five Tantras-Samaya sect.

There are many more.

But these five will do .

What are the Common Practices in Tantra?

Thirukkadayur Temple.image

Essentials Of Devi Srividya Upasana

The sleeping Sadashiva forms the berth of the palanquin in which Sri Mahatripurasundari is borne by the four powerful deities:

Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Ishwara.

‘Panchapredha Manchaathsaayini” Lalitha Sahasranama.

Brahma,Vishnu,Rudra, Shiva and Sadashiva.

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    • As I have indicated earlier I am planning to write a detailed post Bala.Normally Bala Alangaram is done for Navaratri,as this requires a detailed Pooja.I hope to write on this during Navaratri, DV.


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