Mantra Debating Skills Communication

The second in the stage when the concept formed needs an out let to express, in the form of language. The third is the handling of the language while one tries to express his/her thoughts. Communication at the level of Formation of Concept is controlled by Gayatri, the second level of formation of thoughts into language is by Savitri and the the handling of the language is in the realm of Sarasvati.

What Is Wrong With Indian History? This

2.No mention of the Vedic empires. 3.There is a gap of about 300 years between Panini and Daruis. 4.No mention of the Tamil and Southern Kingdoms which existed around the early Vedic age. 5.Ramayana and Mahabharata were facts and not Fables, while Bible ,Christianity, Islam and the prophet were given the status of History. 6.No mention of Sanskrit and Tamil, the two earliest languages of mankind.\

Atharva Veda Medicine Black Magic Text

It is not Athavana Veda as most people pronounce it. Atharveda is not as large as the Rug Veda. There are 10552 verses in Rig Veda and around 5987 verses (varies slightly based on recessions) in Atharva Veda. Thus Atharva Veda is a little more than half the size of Rig Veda. It is three times bigger than Yajur Veda or Sama Veda. From the preliminary analysis of the text, it is revealed that Atharva Veda was centered around the northern Sarasvati region and later became the text of the shamans in the Kuru kingdom which got established to the east of Sarasvati (in Haryana