Tamil Sangam Rajendra Chola Epigraphs On Kaarthigai Deepam

This practice of lighting for Karthikai deepam has been in vogue from Tamil Sangam period.This is recorded ,among others,in Akananaanuru,Kalavazhi Naarpathu, Thevaram ( reference here is Kaarthigai in Kapaleswara temple Chennai).Seevaka Chintamani , one of the five epics in Tamil, speaks of this practice.Of note is that this work Seevaka Chintamani is oriented towards Jain Philosophy.

Indian Valentines Day May 10 Indira Vizha Nepal Yena festival

When a Choza king stopped it, the harbour city of Kaveripumpattinam in Tamil Nadu was devoured by the sea..

This Festival the Indian Valentines Day was held on the Chitra Pournmi Day.

That is on the day the Nakshatra Chitra( Spica) and a Full Moon fall on the same day.

This is around May 10 of the Gregorian Calendar.

To allow for climate changes this is celebrated around is September 27 in Nepal

This is also the day of Buddha Pournima and Kurma Jayanthi

World’s Largest Congregation Of Women Festival Attukal

The largest congregation of Women in a single place at one time was witnessed in Attukallu Bhagavathy Amman Temple, Kerala,India.

Attukal Pongala (Attukal Ponkala) is the most reputed festival of this temple, which attracts devotees from all parts of India. Tens of hundreds of women devotees throng together on the day of Pongala with their offerings to the Goddess and to seek blessings. The festival commences on Karthika day of Malayalam month Makaram-Kumbham (February-March).