How To Discern A University College

Formal Education , in my opinion, is to make a Living, despite views that it really helps one in building one self to face Life.

It prepares one to face life on the economic front.

Education India .Logo.png Education India .Logo.

But for other important aspects of Life one has to follow some basic principles of Humanity, like Humanitarian approach,respect for others and their views, pride in one’s country,Culture, History,welfare of others and the society one lives in by forsaking  comforts,tolerance,Compassion for all living beings,Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty and above the mental resilience to face the problems thrown by Life.

This can be achieved by value based education which can be found in the culture one belongs to or born into.

However this does not mean to say that the present formal education system is without merit for unless one feels economically comfortable, he would find it very hard to follow any moral values, such is the pressure of poverty.

And we have, like every thing else , the Job market and consequently the course one chooses changes periodically.

When I was entering college, about fifty years back, the popular Course was B.Com and the most coveted job was in a Bank, which can be had by writing the Bank Entrance Examination.

Then came Engineering, B.E. mania when people rushed to Engineering colleges, even if  child does not it or  the parents could not afford it.

In the mad rush all other courses were left behind.

The came the IT wave.

Every one was rushing to IT courses to such an extent even an unqualified Coaching Centre was minting money.

Now the things have come to a full circle.

One finds engineering colleges being sold (in Tamil Nadu at least) with about 64,000 Engineering seats remaining vacant!

The current trend is Commerce especially B.Com.

In this topsy-turvy yoyo ,Medicine remains still the favourite.

Medicine remains till date the same sought after course despite qualified Doctors finding it difficult to find Jobs.

Another issue is to find a course , university and college.

Notwithstanding the unwritten practice of Educational institutions not advertising( this was prevalent till about 50 years back),

we now find Educational Institutions advertising heavily, most of the information in the advertising copy is purely  a product of the copy writer’s vivid imagination.

Now even coaching centres call themselves Educational Institutions and even tutorial Colleges.

By the way can some one tell me the difference between the two?

Possibly the former coaches all, the latter the failed Ones!

Then you come across the competition among the Universities!

Under these circumstances, it becomes difficult to sort out fact from fiction.

What one needs is a comprehensive list of Courses, Universities, Colleges,Various disciplines one can choose from.

Plus an insight into Course content, current changes in the structure of the Syllabus, Job trends, and scholarship details is necessary.

And Common Entrance Examinations.

I have been watching the news on this and I have not written much about education recently as I have been writing articles on Indian History and Culture  .

I propose writing  more on Education in future.

While keeping a watch on the information relating to choosing a course, University,Colleges, Syllabus changes and other information I have detailed above, I found to be quite informative.

Apps is also available.

Out of curiosity I checked their List of Colleges for Medicine in Kolkata based on Ranking.

Medical Colleges In Kolkata Based on Ranking

Readers may send in information on such services available in the interest of Students and parents.



One thought on “How To Discern A University College

  1. Formally Gurukul was the system of education. Where one teacher will teach to all his students the education they need. ie. a warrior’s son will be taught art of fighting with different kind of weapons, an artist’s son will be taught the art, a minister’s son will be taught all the nuances of leadership and a king’s son will be taught all the sciences and the art of ruling a country. So one teacher was versatile not only in knowing all these subjects and also know how to teach them. The westerners, who ruled us, specifically destroyed the Gurukul system to destroy our heritage and we, could not stand to their design fell for the same. The present education system is not job oriented, development oriented. The education system only validates the memory and vomiting power of the students every year and not on actual increase in knowledge, in research, in innovation. The simple reason is the once a person is appointed as teacher, he will be teacher till his/her retirement. There are no yardstick to measure their knowledge, whether they are upto date with present day technology, whether they are capable of understanding the changing trends.

    Our education will be useful only when the teachers are put into qualification exams frequently and the syllabus is aimed to increase the knowledge and thinking process of the students along with the importance and the strength of our indian Culture.


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