Sanatana Dharma Born In Russia?Part 1

History of Man is intriguing.

It is very difficult to unravel the history of the ancients.

There have been natural calamities,human migrations and various systems of governance,some of them,like Islam,Christianity and Communism,made systematic efforts to erase the past for political and religious purposes.

To sift through what has been attempted to be erased,sift through misinformation and disinformation, is an arduous task.

Add to this, the passage of Time,which did its best to erase history.

But Nature has been less destructive than humans in wiping out history,monuments of over 5000 years that await archeologists to discover them,is the proof.

The archaeological finds being unearthed in India and throughout the world revealing the presence of Sanatana Dharma throughout the world,the astronomical,linguistic,cultural matching of Vedic India’s past with the earliest history of places not presently a part of present Indian subcontinent,leave one astounded and perplexed.

Russian Veda,Perun Santee.image.
Russian Vedas,Peruns Santees.

Astounded because of the reach of Sanatana Dharma,perplexed because it becomes difficult to fix a geographical area to Sanatana Dharma.

I have,through my articles,been exploring Sanatana Dharma’s antiquity and and reach and found that Sanatna Dharma was present throughout the world in the hoary past ,in all the known Continents and among all the cultures.

All cultural and social interactions of the ancient people elsewhere can be traced back to Sanatana Dharma.

As it will be too lengthy and be a point of digression here,I request my articles on my above mentioned statement be verified by checking the Hinduism category in this site or googling the search term,country,civilization,religion +ramanan 50 to get my articles.

Santana Dharma,as distinct from Hinduism,by its presence throughout the world,spanning over thousands of years, with the Geographical locations having undergone sea change,both figuratively and geographically,has forced me pause before conclusively stating that one geographical location,the present India was the only place where Sanatana Dharma was born.

The mention of Vedic Gods in many places throughout the world, in the form of archeological finds,cultural and religious practices,the influence of Sanskrit over other world languages and the description of faraway lands ,that too accurately in ancient Hindu texts,

The references in Tamil,Mesopotamian,Sumerian,Minoan,Greek and Chinese literary works and religious doctrines indicate the deep roots Sanatana,Dharma in these places in antiquity.

Vedic philosophy.image.
Indian Philosophy.
  • We have Lord Rama,Dasaratha and Bharatha in Sumerian Kings List.
  • We have Lord Nataraja being described as the Protector of Buddhism in China,
  • Peru being identified as a place where Shiva’s Trishul,Trident marks can be found ( the Nazca lines) by Sugreeva about a million years ago,
  • The place where Vaivaswatha,Manu, Lord Rams’s ancestor meditated has been identified as near Madagascar,
  • Shiva being mentioned in Tamil much earlier to Vedic texts ,
  • Krishna having participated in Tamil Poets’s Conclave in the South,
  • He having married a Pandyan princess and had his daughter married to a Pandyan Princess,,
  • Agastya being present in the south before Ramayana,
  • Tamil Kings, provinces,spices,elephants,Pearls from south having been mentioned in the Vedas ,Ramayana,Mahabharata,during the reign of Nala,which predate Rama,

there is enough evidence that there was Sanatana Dharma in the south much before the Indus/Saraswathi Valley Vedic civilization.

I have written a couple of articles on this.

Now to Russia,

Consider the following.

  1. Rig Veda was composed in the Arctic,
  2. Siberians worship Ayur Devathas even today(many Hindus are not aware of  these Devatas)
  3. Lake,Baikal was called Vaikanasa Threertha of Indra,
  4. Arkaim,Russia was a city built on Rig Vedic Mandala structure,,
  5. Sage Yagnyavalkya resided in Russia,
  6. Kaikeyi,Mother and step mother of Bharatha and Ramz respectively was born in Russia,
  7. Yama, God of Death in Hinduism built a,Temple in Arkaim,Russia,,
  8. Narada mountain is in Russia,called Narodnya,
  9. Russia was called Sthree Varsha,Women’s kingdom,
  10. Narahari Vishnu Temple is found in Russia,
  11. Seven Vedic rivers were identified in Russia,
  12. Russia Veda was called  Book of Vales, Peruns Veda Santees,
  13. Krishna’s son Pradhyumna built a city in Russia at Port Baijn.
  14. Based on these facts and some more research,Russians claim that Sanatana Dharma was born in Russia.

I shall examine this in forth coming articles.

‘The Deccan Herald, dtd 15 dec 1972, at its front page gave a news which state that in Elista, capital of Kalmyk in Russia, story relating to Ramayana had been published. The news furthur state that various legends of Ramayana are popular among people of Kalmyk.  Various version of Ramayana are already stored at libraries in Kalmyk. The news clearly state that legends of Ramayana are very popular since time immemorial. Domodin Suren, a Russian writer, has compiled various legends popular among Mongolian and Kalmyk peoples.  Prof C F Glostunky‘s manuscript ‘Academy of sciences’ is stored at Siberian Branch of erstwhile U S S R. That book deals with various legends popular along the coast of Volga river. This manuscript is in Kalmyk language. In Leningrad also various books dealing with stories of Ramayana in Russian and Mangolian languages are preserveed.

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