Vedas As ‘Perun’s Vedas Santees’ In Russia

I have written  a series of articles on the Sanatana Dharma and Vedic connection.

“Santii Vedas of Perun


The Rig Veda was composed in the Arctic.

Krishn’a son Pradhyumna built a city in Por Baijn, Sibria,

River Volga was the cradle of Vedic civilization

Russia was called Rishi Varsha and also as Sthree Varsha, a country ruled by women,

It belonged to Ila Varsha od Indian Puranas,

Lake Baikal was Vaikanasa Theertha,

Indra’s Amravathi was Arkaim,

Swasthik Rig Vedic Mandala city was  built in Russia.

Siberians invoke Ayur Devathas.

Narada Mountain in Urals,Narodnaya

A reader posed an interesting question.

‘Are there oral traditions of the Vedas, Puranas and Ithihasa in other countries as Sanatana Dharma was present throughout the world”

I replied that I have written that there is a Catur Veda in Bali and I shall be exploring the subject.

Considering the finds in Russia relating to Sanatana Dharma I have searched Russian literature and pre-Christian texts of Russia.

And I struck gold!

There is a Veda in Russia and it is called,Perun’s Vedas Santees ‘

Perun’s Vedas Santees’’ are meant only as Vedas in narrow sense (Books of Knowledge or Perun’s Wisdom Books), consisting of nine books, dictated by our first ancestor, the God Perun, to our far ancestors while their third arrival to the Earth on the spaceship Waitman, in 38 004 B.C. (or 40 009 years ago). Only the first book of these Vedas was translated into Russian nowadays.

As a whole Vedas contain a profound knowledge about nature and reflect Humanity history in the Earth during last several hundred thousand years, – at least, not less than 600 000 years. They also contain Perun’s prediction of the future events for 40 176 years ahead, i.e. until nowadays and 167 years ahead.

Vedas in its basis, on which they were written originally down, are divided into three basic groups:

– satees are the plates of gold or other precious metal, without affect with corrosion on which texts were put by stamping signs and filling them with paint. Then these plates were fastened by three rings like books or made out in the oak framework and framed by a red cloth;

– charatiys are the sheets or rolls of high-quality parchment with texts;

– volchvaries are wooden plates with the texts written or cut out.

Santees are the most ancient of known documents. Originally „Perun’s Vedas Santees’’ were called as Vedas, but there are mentions of others Vedas in them, which even at that time, i.e. more 40.000 years ago, named Ancient and which either are lost, or stored in secluded places and not disclosed for any reasons currently. Santees reflect the most secret Ancient Knowledge. It is possible even to tell that they are archive of knowledge. By the way, Indian Vedas is only a part of  Slav-Aryan Vedas, transferred by arias about 5.000 years ago to India.

As a rule charatiys were santees copies, or, probably, writing out of santees, intended for wider use in the priestly habitat. The most ancient charatiys are „Charatiys of Light’’ (the Book of Wisdom) which were written down 28 736 years ago (or, to be exact, from 20 August till 20 September, 26 731 B.C.). As it is easier to write down charatiys than to make santees engraving on gold, so extensive historical data were written down in such a kind.

So, for example, charatiys under the name „Avesta’’ were written down on 12 000 bull’s skins 7.513 years ago along with the war history of  Slav-Aryan peoples with Chinese. The peace conclusion between fighting parties was called as the World Creation in the Star Temple (W.C.S.T.). And a year according to our ancient calendar in which this peace concluded was called as the Star Temple.

It was the first world war in the Earth’s history, and this event was so tremendous, and the victory was so significant for White Race that served as a reference point for new chronology introduction. Since then all white peoples counted summers from the World Creation. And this chronology was cancelled only by Peter Romanov I in 1 700 who imposed the Byzantine calendar to us as only the Romanovs come to power with the help of the Byzantine Empire. And „Avesta’’ itself was destroyed by Alexander the Great on an instigation of the Egyptian priests so the World Creation in the Star Temple didn’t throw the light onto „the world creation’’, described under their dictation in the Bible.”

The history of Russia is reversed here in the above quote.

The return of the Sanataa Dharma people from the Arctic after composing the Rig Veda is erroneously taken as the invasion of Aryans of India and as a result the history of India has ben distorted.

Read my posts on this.

Similarities between the Vedas and  Perun’s Veda Santees.

1, Both have ben transmitted orally.

2.Three groups have been mentioned in Perun Vedas corresponding to the three Varnas, Brahmana, Kshatrya and Vaishya.

3.One group has been entrusted with the custody of the Perun Vedas like the Brahmanas of the Sanatana Dharma.


In antiquity Slavic-Aryan people had four main types of writing – one for each major family of the White Race. The oldest of the survived documents, ie, Santii, were written by ancient h’Aryan Runes. Ancient Runes are not letters or characters in the modern sense but secret images that convey a huge amount of ancient knowledge. They include dozens of characters, written under a common line, called “the heaven”, and include numbers and letters as well as certain objects or phenomena – frequently used or very important.

In ancient times h’Aryan runes served as the main base for the creation of simplified forms of writing: ancient Sanskrit, Lines and Strokes, Devanagari, German-Scandinavian Norse runes and many others. It, together with other writings of the Slavic-Aryan Families also became the foundation of all modern alphabets, starting with the ancient Slavic and ending with both Cyrillic and Latin. So it was not Cyril and Methodius who invented Russian grammar – they only created one of it’s convenient options which was dictated by the need to spread Christianity in Slavic languages.

It should also be added that the Slavic-Aryan Vedas are being kept by Priests-keepers, or Kapen-Yngliings, (keepers of ancient wisdom) at Slavic-Aryan “Kapishi” (temles) of Old Russian Orthodox Old Believers Church of Ynglija. The exact storage location is not known as our Ancient Wisdom was tried to be destroyed during the last thousand of years by certain forces. Now the domination of these forces is coming to an end, and the keepers of the Vedas began to translate them into Russian and publish. To date, partially translated is only one of nine books of the Santii Vedas f Perun. But it is in the narrow sense. And in the broader sense parts of the Vedas are kept in different places all among the white peoples – the descendants of the Slavic-Aryans.

Incidentally, it should also be noted that Ingliya (hence the name of the Church of Old Believers) – is a stream of energy in all its forms, which comes from a single, incomprehensible God-creator Ra-M-Ha. This flow starts at the center of concentrated matter during formation of galaxies and is associated with creation of stars. In addition to Ra-M-Ha our ancestors honored their galactic pre-ancestors and curators, who they also considered gods. Ancient Slavic people created certain images that allowed them to focus their attention and will so that people together could control the forces of nature, for example, call for rain (people – like little gods, so they needed to unite their will and mental energy for great deeds). These images were also called gods. Thus, our ancestors had three kinds of gods the main of whom they called Ra-M-Ha.

I shall be writing more on this subject after a careful study


8 Replies to “Vedas As ‘Perun’s Vedas Santees’ In Russia”

  1. Hello, greetings from old slavic country far in europe. there is a little mistake in your article – World Creation in the Star Temple (W.C.S.T.) – it is NOT World Creation but it is Conclusion of Peace in the Star Temple (Zaklucheniye Mira v Zvezdnom Chrame – заключение мира в Звездном Храме). Slavo-Aryans defeated Arima (Dragon people, chinese ancestors) at war and the mounted knight killing the dragon, nowadays known as Saint George is symbol of that Great victory.


    1. Thank you. As you are from a Slav Country can you elaborate on this and also on any links of your motherland with India, originally calledvas Bharatavarsha?


  2. Sir your description about Ramayana and Mahabharata is very useful for today’s generation and to the people who say it as a myth thank you very much for valuable information.


  3. Tamil Calender= Tamil + kalam( calan + thr/dar) =(Kalam + tha- Tamil) = Time+ give/ look( English ) = Zeit+ geben (Deutsch). Today in Elsalvador Herr, Glaus from Au, Europa , found one old black stone ” Kundalakasi/ Kundalakasee” this stone have Three diffrent lines , this lines call in Tamil Calender in about 5000 year alt. Today all so Tamils are using this their ” Tamil Calender ” , now I come to this lines, fist line tell about the child fathers Sitiuation, second line tell (27/29 lines are there,) this is the time of a child born in which “Star”, next tell anther 7 Lines this also in “child ” know age, in south india you can see 7 women “Black Status” call in Tamil 7 Kanni,
    In Easten Island also you can see this 7 kani= 7 Women, 7Men, how did this gone to ” Easten Island” , Tamil gone all over the world by ” Katu + Maram= Katumaran= ( get to geter with Timber).


  4. I am a Tamil live in Swizterland , I like to tell Tamil was the oldest Language in the World, Prof- Alexslander Dupic from Mosok, Universitiy, Russland. Tell the Rig Vedam, Sama Vedam A-Thar Vadam all came from Tamil, before Ariyan(Iran) came to India, Tamil was there, He (Prof-Alexslander Dupic) tell written language first was Tamil. So The call “Vadam , Manderam ” was came from “Tamil” to , in Sirya ” Palm Ura ” was a Tamil name, ( Palm= old-En, = alt – Deu, Ura=village(En), Dorf(Deu),
    Palm ura= Ctapbin +AepebHR (Russ). This place Tamils had Lived, sivan was The Master for all “Vadam” , sivan is a Tamil Sither, (Mostly Sither Never ware Gold or Silver,) Nadarajah , Murukan, Sivalingam are Tamils names. Thousand of Lingam are tamil , Ex- Nagalingam, tharumalingam, sothilingam, kanasalingam, ganasalingam, paskaralingam, kanasalingam mhalingam, and ulagalingam are tamils Name. Can you tell this Sankrit Name for this people. Do you know in Afrika today all so nearly more than 25 groups of people are still parry for Murukan ”
    They African call” Muruku” for Tamil god, Erithirya people call for their father
    “Appa”= Father(En)= appi (Japaner) = appa(Tamil)= appa(Kamaroon)
    Tamil is the first written letter language in India, The “Biblle” first wfoten in Tamil in year 1650 in Lisban(Pothgal), the “Red Wine came to the world in Pothgal in 1650 .
    There “Pamm Tree where Tamils go and lived” Pamm leaves to write “Vedam and Snippet” in north india have Pamm Trees? In Mayan women god is call “Ammen” Tamil women god call To “Amen


    1. Thank you for your comment.I have traced the origin of Sanaana Dharma to South India and I have posted a few artices on the pre Sanaana Dharma in South and Shiva worship preceded the Sanatana Dharma as is known today. There is a Miion year old tami sie in Chennai and Tami /Tamis are referred to the Vedas and vedas in turn quote Tami!As such it is difficut to determine which anguage precedes which.I am searching and I shal be abe to form a view after my research.In h meanwhie the posiion is Tamil, Sanskrit and Sanatana Dharma are ancient and it is difficut to determine which precedes which.

      Please Googe ramanan50 plus your search term for more posts.Regds


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