Krishna Dynasty Kingdoms Extended Throughout India

One comes across interesting information when one researches the Indian Texts, which have been discarded by the West and accepted by the Indian Intellectuals((?)

Yadava Kingdom.png Spread of Yadavas .Yadava Kingdom.

To me the Indian Texts are History and there is ample physical evidence to prove what has been stated in them.

They have been validated by archeology, astronomy, internal and external evidence of the west’s interpretation of Indian History.

I have written quite a few articles on the validation of Indian History, be it the Age of the Rig Veda, Rama and Krishna, Agastya, Tamil Kings, Shiva, Murugan,,the Age of Thiruvannamalai, Tirupati temples.

I have been intrigued by the worship of Aravan, son of Lord Krishna since early ages in Tamil Nadu.

There is a Temple for Aravan ,Koothaandaar Koil, near Tindivanam , about 3 hours from Chennai, where a festival is conducted years by the Third gender for Iravan.Aravan is called thus in Tamil as words starting from R is not allowed by Tamil Grammar.

And the practice of Bul fighting called Manju Virattu in Tamil from ancient times in Tamil Nadu has Krishna connection.

Bull Fighting , which is famous in Spain was started by Krishna!

And the term Eru Thazhuvudhal, that of  a jilted lover embracing death by climbing a special tree, also has Krishna connection!

I shall be writing on this in detail.

Meanwhile, I came across information that Krishna’s sons expanded their Kingdom throughout India and all the Kingdoms of India descended from either Rama or Krishna.

‘The main part that Mahabharata mentions that Arjuna established the son of Kritavarma at Mrittikavati and the great-grandson of Krishna, Vajra at Indraprastha. Some Puranas mention Vajra was established at Mathura. But these two kings did survive out of the Yadava clan. The Yadava clan was not completely wiped out but it’s influence reduced considerably.

The Abhiras were becoming strong since the Mahabharata war. Their kingdom was in the Sindhu region. The control of Purus and Yadavas reduced considerably on that region after the war. The Abhiras attacked Arjuna when he was taking back the Yadava women. The Abhiras took away some of these women. If the Mahabharata had actually happened around 3000 BC, then this entry of Abhiras in the Saraswati region could very well explain the Harappan civilization which sprung around the same time. The Gupta dynasty is claimed to have sprung from these Abhiras. The Yadava kingdoms did exist, but became less in number. The one Yadava kingdom that existed was the Devagiri kingdom in Maharashtra whose rulers claim direct descent from Krishna. There still exist people with the surname Yadav in north India who claim descent from the royal Yadavas. Apart from that, Nanda, Krishna’s foster father was also included in the Yadava clan and his descendants called Nandavanshi Yadavas still exist…..”

It can be inferred from the vamshanucharita (genealogy) sections of a number of major Puranas that, the Yadavas spread out over the Aravalli region, Gujarat, the Narmada valley, the northern Deccan and the eastern Ganges valley.[10] TheMahabharata and the Puranas mention that the Yadus or Yadavas, a confederacy comprising numerous clans were the rulers of the Mathura region.[11] The Mahabharata also refers to the exodus of the Yadavas from Mathura to Dvaraka owing to pressure from the Paurava rulers of Magadha, and probably also from the Kurus”

Yadava dynasty, rulers of a 12th–14th-century Hindu kingdom of central India in what is now the Indian state of Maharashtra. Originally a feudatory of the Eastern Chalukyas of Kalyani, the dynasty became paramount in the Deccan under Bhillama (c. 1187–91), who founded Devagiri (later Daulatabad) as his capital. Under Bhillama’s grandsonSinghana (reigned c. 1210–47) the dynasty reached its height, as the Yadava campaigned against the Hoysalas in the south, the Kakatiyas in the east, and the Paramaras and Chalukyas in the north.

The Yadavas spread to me Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The Velir Kingdoms were , at one point of time, the Major allies of Chola Kings.


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  1. sanatana DHARMA from long time, are give whole world inspiration and prosperity


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