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  • Russian Influence on India,India  Part of Bharatha Varsha

    Russian Influence on India,India Part of Bharatha Varsha

    According to a research paper by a Russian researcher on the history of the world, it was Russia that gave the Vedas, Vimanas, philosophy, and sciences to the world, not India. The author of the paper suggests that the Vedas were composed in the Arctic, and Shiva and his son Ganesha traveled through the western…

  • Sita Lake, Village in Khabarovsk Russia

    Sita Lake, Village in Khabarovsk Russia

    The Sita River is a river in the Khabarovsk Territory . The sources of the river are swamps, located near the village of Sita,

  • Narada Mountain In Russia Urals Narodnaya

    The Russians knew about these settlements for about 20 years. This information was revealed by historian Bettany Hughes on the BBC program “Tracking the Aryans”. And there is a Mountain named after the Hindu Sage, Narada.

  • Sthree Varsha Women Kingdom Rishi Varsha Russia Hindu Texts

    Russia was known as Rishi Varsha an it surrounded the Bharata Varsha as described in the Puranas. There have been migrations from India, from the Sarasvati Valley Civilization,from the Dravida Kingdoms, and from the North again. There is enough evidence in the present Russia right from the names of Rivers,Olga,Moksha from which Moscow is derived,Karaggana, Utkaraganga,…