Sthree Varsha Women Kingdom Rishi Varsha Russia Hindu Texts

Russia was known as Rishi Varsha an it surrounded the Bharata Varsha as described in the Puranas.

There have been migrations from India, from the Sarasvati Valley Civilization,from the Dravida Kingdoms, and from the North again.

There is enough evidence in the present Russia right from the names of Rivers,Olga,Moksha from which Moscow is derived,Karaggana, Utkaraganga,

People living in the valley of the River Moksha spoke a language Moksha!

Place Arkaim, the name of Surya, Sun is Arka.

Arkaim is an important archeological site .

Many Hindu Ritual signs are found here.

One finds the designs of swastika here and this site is dated 4500BC!

Arkaim, Russia.bmp
Arkaim, Russia.


But reasonable reactions notwithstanding, why have people who are looking for their roots in the direction of Vedic ancestry been more suspect than any other indigenous people curious about their heritage? After all, it would appear to be an uncommonly large area upon which such ancestors would have enjoyed their apparently advanced culture. Such a culture would seem to have “fed” much of what we now call Western civilization and parts of Asia, including migrated tribes, such as American Indians and even Europeans settling America.

Moreover, as we also explore elsewhere regarding linguistic research efforts around the so-called Nostratic or Proto-Language question, some linguists are struggling with the possibility of linguistic ancestral roots for possibly ALL humankind, of all colors, so that the suspect idea of any “superiority” should be supported as an excitement for all of humanity maybe re-discovering its true origin and common spiritual heritage.

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Mahabharata describes the route to Russia while talking about Kekaya Kingdom.

Kaikeyi of Ramayana was born here.

“Lahore was the kingdom of Lava, son of Rama. ead my post on this.

Peshawar was the kingdom of Pushkalavathy ruled by Pushkala, son of Bharatha.

These two cities were established during the reign of Rama, the son of Dasaratha. These cities are in the route toKekaya, today’s Kazaksthan which was the maternal land of Kaikeyi, mother of Bhratha. One has to cross riverChakshus to reach Kekaya.  This river is now known as Oxus . It is shown in blue colour in this picture”

The Route to Russia,, Mahabharata.png
The Route to Russia,, Mahabharata.

People who lived in the valley near Moscow worshiped Indra and Vayu.

Moscow Empire was ruled by women called Sthree Rajya.

It was dominated by women – due to which it got the name Sthree Rajya – the land of women or dominated by women.  They were supposed to seduce men and lead a free life.

Varaha mihira has mentioned this place as one of the countries surrounding Bharatha varsha.

Vatsyanana also has mentioned about Sthree Rajya in the context of “Grama naari vishayam” where he has said that the women of Sthree Rajya  were free to have sex with a any man they liked.

Bhattasmin , the commentator for Artha sastra also has talked about SthreRajya as a country abounding in luxurious artilces and happiness.

Please read my post on where an ancient Vishnu Idol was found in Russia.

Also there are suggestions that the Rig Veda might have been composed in the Arctic.

Please refer my post.

So what now is called Russia was following Santana Dharma and many Rishis, Yagnyavalkya and Vasishta traveled and stayed there.,near Vaikhanasa now called Baikal.


4 responses to “Sthree Varsha Women Kingdom Rishi Varsha Russia Hindu Texts”

  1. /rishi /=fields sistem like Vedic Harappan pottery script 1900 BC./ RID III NI /= RID IUJUJI NI /= fields farmers was gone./ And south European Vedic script / RET,RETIE,RIT,RITIE,RIZ,RIZE / 750 BC.Mean the same fields system.


  2. I have read somewhere that the famous disciples of Rishi Chavan Ashwini kumars used to do their research work in cold area which is presently known as Siberia. This was first called Chaaybaan after Rishi Chavan and then Saaybaan which ultimately became Siberia.Late President of erstwhile Bhartiya Jan Sangh Dr. Raghuvir, who was a renowned scholar of ancient Indian history and culture, had discovered a temple of Lord Yama in Siberia.


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