Who Are The Ancient Rishis Priests Of Rig Veda

These Rishis are numerous. Each Mantra has a Rishi. So there are many Rishis who complied the Vedas. But the earliest,first Rishis who performed the Duties of Priests are Ten. These Families represent the First Rishis of the Vedas.

Rig Yajur Sama Atharva Vedas Personified Images

The scriptures of the Hindus, the Vedas, four in number, are the highest truths revealed to the seers. The refrain of the Vedas is self-realization. The core of the Vedas do not advocate Idol worship but a Higher Reality, Brahman , whose attributes are Being, Consciousness and Bliss-Sat, Chit and Ananda. However idol worship is allowed to concentrate the mind. The Four Vedas are.

Beef Eating Allowed in The Vedas Mahabharata?

In this connection I received a mail as follows. 'I saw this post in FB. Though I do agree that lynching someone for suspecting eating of beef is quire unacceptable. But the quotes in the post, seems to take a distorted view of our scriptures. Would you pl enlighten on this topic ?' The mail detailed quotes from the Mahabharata and the Upanishads that people, even rishis wee eating beef ding the Sanatana dhama period. My view is that it looks that people were eating meat during the Vedic period. I have provided quotes which indicate meat-eating and those that prohibit it. The explanations trying to explain away beef eating seems to me laboured and lack conviction.

Veda Shakhas Brahmin Distribution Region wise

Samhitas or Hymns. Brahmanas, Rituals. Aranyakas, to be recited in the forest and Upanishads, containing the highest Knowledge of Reality, Brahman. Veda has two sub divisions. Shukla and Krishna Yajur. These Hymns have Sukhthas in them which are in praise of Deities and they are also explanation of Cosmology. Some of them are also addressed to curing diseases .

Morality For the Society First By Sanatana Dharma To World

'Even though I am Hindu and yeah I don’t believe in idol worshipping but sometimes I doubt what was the first society or first rules made on earth whether it’s Hinduism or other Relevant religion.. Please can u light on some confusion' It requires a Hinduism to allow you to say that you do not follow some of its tenets and yet say I am a Hindu! Sanatana dharma does not call it as heresy. It calls it as enquiry which it feels it ought to clarify and clear.