How To Integrate Siva And Vaasi Yoga

Vaasi Yoga is an esoteric Science and an experience to be felt and one has to practice it to know.It is difficult to express in words things that can not be expressed , communicated verbally.Mantras,Sukthas as found in Vedas and other ancient texts of India from Buddhism,Jainism.One also finds such verses in Tamil, one of the oldest languages of the world that has close relation with Sanskrit and Sanatana Dharma.Corresponding to Yogis, one finds Siddhas in Tamil Literature some of them dating back to 20,000 years.

Siddha is one who has Realized the Self in the Form of Siva.They are Ageless, beyond Time. Though there are innumerable Siddhas, Eighteen are considered to be the earliest of the early. This includes Siva as Adi Yogi. Please read my articles on Siddhas. Sage Agastya and Bhogar are Siva’s Direct disciples along with Patanjali.

Siva, as I had written In an earlier part is a Process and a Person. The term Siva is the process of Vaasi.Pronounce Vaa Si few times with no gap in between , you shall get Si VA.He is the first one to practice Vaasi and transferred it to Agastya and Bhogar.Though Agastya also has spoken on Vaasi, Bhogar’s exposition is equally eloquent.I am quoting Bhogar in this article As an aside, Bhogar had installed the Pazhani Dhandayudhapani Vigraha with Nine rare metals or ingredients of which Science has no clue. I have posted can article on the Atomic structure of the Idol

வெளியான வாசியைத்தான் வரவழைத்து 
வீட்டுக்குள் அங்கங்கே வைத்திட்டுத்தான் 
தனியாக வைத்திட்டுச் சாதித்தாக்கால் 
சந்தித்து வாசியும் ஈசனும் ஒன்றாகும் 
வளியாக வாசியைப்போல் சித்தொன்றில்லை 
மாசித்துச் சிவனவனாம் வாசியொன்றில் 
ஒளியாக வாசியது உயிரைமீட்கும் 
உறுதியாம் சிவயோகத் துண்மைதானே

If you Bring in/Welcome, Vaasi from outside to Home, yet keep them separately in their Place Perform and achieve Vaasi,then No difference Exists between Vaasi and Siva.There is nothing that equals Vaasi as Universal Breath.On achievement of Vaasi as Siva Manifests as Splendorous Light In Vaasi.

Reality is Immanent in the Universe.It is within Us too.What is in the Macrocosm is in the Microcosm.The Reality appears to be different from us, away from us, is because of our ignorance, Avidya at the individual level and Maya at the Universal Level.Once this ignorance is removed, Reality ,Brahman shines forth just as our image becomes brighter in a Mirror which was dusty earlier.Bhogar says that though you may be aware that the Reality,Universal Soul, Brahman and You as Individual Souls are not different, he tells us to forget that for the time being, think that they are different and concentrate on the Process of Vaasi ,On Consciousness.When the Process of Vaasi is complete, Brahman,Reality shines forth as Splendorous Light in You and as Brahman,As One, as Siva .

This exposition is Pure Advaita as expressed in Aham Brahmasmi,Tat Tvam Asi,Soham Asmi and Pragyanam Brahma, The Mahavakyas, Great statements of Vedas. There is Pun on the Tamil word ‘Veedu .’.Veedu In Tamil means Moksha/Realisation as well.

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