How To Integrate Siva And Vaasi Yoga

Reality is Immanent in the Universe.It is within Us too.What is in the Macrocosm is in the Microcosm.The Reality appears to be different from us, away from us, is because of our ignorance, Avidya at the individual level and Maya at the Universal Level.Once this ignorance is removed, Reality ,Brahman shines forth just as our image becomes brighter in a Mirror which was dusty earlier.Bhogar says that though you may be aware that the Reality,Universal Soul, Brahman and You as Individual Souls are not different, he tells us to forget

Sivamurtham 2

There are twenty five Murthams of Siva. First five was presented in the earlier article. Here you find the next five, Chandrasekhara,Umamaheswara,Tripura taka,Jalandharadhara and Nataraja.

Vishnu ViswaroopamVisnu's Cosmic Form.

I Perform Sata Rudreeyam Daily Lord Krishna in Mahabharata

Oh king, listen to me as I recite to thee
that Sata-Rudriya which I repeat; with restrained senses, every morning after rising
from bed...O sire, It is Sankara who Created All the creatures in the Universe, mobile
and immobile.