Seshadri Swamigal My Family Experience Independently YouTube Verified

There is no concept of Miracles in Hinduism. There is nothing called as Super Natural as such. Every thing in the Universe is natural and there is no exception.

Whatever is always Is. ‘ This is Full, that is Full. Having taken full out of Full , Full remains Full. This is one of the famous lines from Upanishad. ‘Om poornamitha poornath poorna….What is conveyed is the world, universe has been , is ,and shall be.Whatever happens, happened and what shall happen shall be.This is concept of Eternity as applied to Events.We perceive things the way we perceive them because we are limited by the ‘ Two spectacles of Space and Time.Our Minds are limited by Space and Time.Time is a convenient tool to categorarise Experience and a path of the Mind to place Events,persons in Perspective. Time, Space are Infinite and we can not perceive them as they are.So what we perceive, is only what we are allowed to perceive in the sense that we are limited by Space and Time.

Real knowledge does not bother about these issues at all. Whatever we experience is transitory, ephemeral and has only relative Existence. Therefore, all things, like Events, Perception,Inference and other tools of Knowledge are not relevant in the pursuit of Real Knowledge, called Para Vidya. That which we experience through our senses and mind are, including tools of Knowledge and knowledge through such sources are Apara Vidya, Lower knowledge.So seen from this perspective, Experiences, Events .. all are irrelevant.So , Hinduism does not believe in Miracles or Super Natural.If you are equipped to perceive things with appropriate tools, you can perceive anything.

Why this seemingly irrelevant introduction to the topic on hand?Reason is that though Hinduism does not believe in Super Natural or Miracles, such events that defy us normal mortals occur ( from our perspective).And I have my share of these Events.I have some of my experiences like aMan disappearing in front of my eyes from my hands,how some events in Thirukkadavur have influenced me and that instance emphasized the presence of things that are not normally acceptable.

My father was more or less an Agnostic. Yet he would accept things as they happen or happened even if it was beyond his capacity to understand. He was a Mathematics teacher and head master of a school. My grandfather was Professor of Mathematics at Madurai College and was called as ‘Geometry Narayana Iyer’ because of his proficiency. He was a friend of Srinivasa Ramanujan, the mathematical genius. My grandfather’s Geometry papers were returned by Ramanujan and Professor .Hardy, because they coul not understand it! This point is to let readers know that my forefathers were not gullible but seasoned rational professionals who can not be swayed by Sorcery or illusions otr be influenced unduly.

At Madurai,Tamil Nadu ,one Siddha stayed at my paternal grandfather’ s house. He was Sri. Kuzhandayanada Swamigal. I had written about him . My aunt ( father’s sister)used to bathe him daily with ghee and I had shared my family’s experiences with him.

Sri. Seshadri Swamigal Asrama, Thiruvannamalai.Tamul Nadu

The same aunt and her husband, Sri. Parasurama Iyer ( he was my father’s uncle), who was a teacher in Sethupathi high school in Madurai, had very close encounters with Sri. Kuzhandayanada Swamigal. I was told by him that Swamigal used to call him as நாய், dog affectionately.I had shared his experiences too.

Parasurama Iyer told me in my school days many instances ,about, not only Kuzhandayanada Swamigal but Sri Seshadri Swamigal with whom Parasurama Iyer came into contact.( Parasurama Iyer is my மாமா தாத்தா,that is Uncle of my father and in Hindu tradition he is related to me as Uncle Grandfather?).

One such instance is regarding about his daughter.( She is also no more,her name was Bala and her children live in Chennai now).Bala her husband were living in Srivilliputhur, which is my native place.( They were living separately). Parasurama Iyer was living with ny aunt at Madurai. One day he received a telegram that his daughter was in her death bed after delivery and he could. visit his daughter before she expired.Instead coming to Srivilliputhur which is about an hour by bus from Madurai, Parasurama Iyer left for Thiruvannamalai, which was far away in a different direction to see Seshadri Swamigal there. He saw Seshadri Swamigal at Arunachaleswara Temple. Without Parasurama Iyer having to day something, Sesharii Swamigal told him that his daughter Bala was alright and he could leave. Parasurama Iyer left for Madurai and two days later he received a letter from his son-in-law from Srivilliputhur that Bala was alright.Only after that Parasurama Iyer visited srivii to attend Punyahavachana of his granddaughter.This was narrated to me by my parents and of course by Parasurama Iyer.

I did not write about this because in my opinion that this instance was not much as compared to what I have experienced. However, when this experience was shared by someone who is totally unknown in YouTube channel, I was surprised. It convinced me that my forefathers weren’t lying. Watch the video at 9.31 to hear about this.

Sesharii Swamigal, Miracles
All those who belonged to the lineage of Kaamakotiyaar are devotees of Kamakshi. In the tradition of Kaamakotiyaar, about 200 years ago, was a great scholar, Kaamakoti Sastrigal. Sastrigal was not blessed with a male child. and loved the children of his elder brother, Chidambara Sastrigal as his very own, with special affection for the youngest, Maragatham. When Maragatham was of a marriageable age, Kamakoti Sastrigal decided that his disciple, Varadarajan will be the most suitable match.[2]

Varadaraja Sastrigal and Maragatham were yearning for a male child to let their family lineage prosper and continue. It is said that one night, Mother Kamakshi, appeared in the Sastrigal's dream and instructed “Offer butter and, a child of wisdom shall be born”.[3] Providentially, Maragatham conceived. On a Saturday, 22 January 1870, under the auspices of the star / asterism / nakshatra Hastham, a boy child was born as Goddess Kamakshi's prasadam. He was named Seshadri. All the signs of a great soul which would shine in the future was seen in the child as it grew. Being a gift of Parasakthi, to be immersed in the thoughts of the almighty and to be involved in prayers and worship was but natural.

As a child he had spontaneous trances. For example, he used to sit on the lap of his father and sit with the chinmudra in a posture of meditation. At other times, when his father was teaching a class, he used to look at the book as if he was reading and comprehending it. At age four, Seshadri received his nickname, 'Golden Hand' (Tamil: Thanga Kai). One day Seshadri and his mother stopped at a shop full of bronze castings of the Gods. While at the shop the young lad picked up a statue of Krishna and asked his mother to buy it so he could perform Krishna puja. The trader, thinking that the radiant child himself resembled the Lord Krishna, gave the idol and refused payment. The next day the trader proclaimed the boy to be most lucky as the whole consignment of 1,000 statues (because of the young boy's touch), had been sold in one day, as against his usual sales until then wherein he was barely able to sell 1-2 idols.[4]

News of the incident spread quickly through the town and from that moment on the young boy was known as, 'The one with the golden hand'. This gave him the name "Thanga Kai" (golden hand). It is mentioned that this idol was worshipped by Sri Seshadri Swamigal himself for many years after which his younger brother Narasimha Josiar and his descendants continue the worship of the same idol to-date..

Seshadri Swamigal Asrama.

Sri Seshadari Swami Asramam is located on the Chengam road , just a 100 m from Sri Ramana Asramam. The Asramam is very peaceful and tranquil ,with beautiful sight of Arunachal mountain in the vicinity . Variety of paid stay options available. There is a canteen as well ,which served good food at reasonable prices.

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