Tamil Sangam Dates 17000 Years Extended To Equator

Put it simply, the coast line of India , more specifically Tamils extended up to Equator.

And this tallies with the descriptions of Tamil Kings in The Mahabharata during the Swayamvar of Draupadi , the reference to Arjuna having married the daughter of a Pandyan King and the mention of Cheran Perunchotruudiyan Neduncheraathan as having fed both the armies of the Panadavas and Kauravas during the Mahabharata War, among other refernces like the Tamil Knings donated Villages for Baramins po perform Vedic Rites daily in the Agraharas, ear marked for them.

Tamil Vedas Climate And Lemuria

So, if the Tamils lived in the present Tamil Nadu, forming a part of India it would not have been possible to understand all the Climates and behaviour

Even to-day, in the present Tamil Nadu, people do not really know about the actual weather conditions elsewhere in India,where they live in smaller numbers,save through newspaper/TV reports.

Hence the land mass in which the Tamils lived before must have encompassed land masses containing the areas , regions about which the ancient Tamil literature speaks of.

This tends to go with the theory of Lemuria which was consumed by a giant Tsunami,was inhabited by the Tamils.

Lemuria Historical Proof.

  References in Malaysian, Indonesian History speak of a tie with Tamils as also the Tamil Literature from as  early as The Sangam Period. I have provided some links for one to proceed ‘The anomalies of the Mammal fauna of Madagascar can best be explained by supposing that anterior to the existence of Africa in its present shape, a…… Continue reading Lemuria Historical Proof.