Uyghur Civilization Dravida Shiva Sanatana Dharma Connected?

In classical Tamil the prefix of MU indicates very ancient.

Elders are called Moothoor,Old age as Mudhumai and Madurai was called as Madurai Moodhoor.

In the process of Shiva returning to India he passed through the area,which probably had a civilization or Shiva founded one.

It was the Uyghur Civilization.

Human History To be Rewritten Six Pre Historic Mu Lemuria Rama Atlantis Uyghur Hyperborean

And there is ample evidence to prove the existence of UFOs,UMOs(unidentified marine objects,classified data released by the then USSR.

On UFOs,the released classified filed from the US are voluminous,including the testimony of Apollo Astronaut.

Then there is Area B51 in the US which is a secret location and A BBC crew was arrested for trying to enter the area.

There are proven UFO sightings.

I have written on these,under UFO,Astrophysics.

And there is this instance of US troops disappearing in Afghanisthan,while investigating the remains of an ancient Vimana,Aircraft.

There is a tunnel from Mount Kailash to Iraq,through Romania.

Three stone platforms were found,in one ,one can find his life flashing by,in another the sky map appears.

Nobody is able to understand the Third Table.

Then we have Anamolies,

Human history,

Seven Pehistoric Root Races,Lemuria,Atlantis Sanatana Dharma Details

Root Races

Till date I have been able to confirm Lemuria,Sanatana Dharma,Hyperborean and the ancestry of Mayans,Incas,Aztecs,Sumerians,Minoans and Assyrians.

Looks as though there was a deliberate attempt behind the collapse of civilizations and the emergence of new ones.

I have stumbled on the Theory of Root Races,which are Prehistotic.

There are seven root races and many subraces.

Five have emerged and rwo yet to manifest.

It might look strange and not to reason.


The instruments of Knowledge and our concept of Time needs a relook.

This is necessitated by the emergence of Quantum Theory,Time warp and Multiverses.

I have written on these and other points mentioned in this article.

Please check under Hinduism/Astronomy categories in this site.

Shall write more on these and the sources of Knowledge and our modern day science.

The Root Races.

Tamil Chola Kings List From 3020 BCE to 245 BCE,Missing 160 Million Years

Kumari kandam

Traces of Tamil culture is found among Hitties,Elamites,Aztecs and Mayans.

The Home of Tamils ,Lemuria is 230 million years old and Himalayas was not even formed then.

Himalayas were formed about 70 million years ago.

The issues that confounds are,