Three Hundred Million Years Pranava Veda Fifth of Nine Vedas Aindhiram Tamil?

Vedas,the Scripture of Hindus, are quite ancient,have been transmitted,are being transmitted this even now and they are believed to be ‘Not Man-made’,Apauresheya’

They are the inhaling and exhaling of Breath of Brahman,the Reality.

This Reality is beyond speech,thought,time and space.

To realise the Reality many paths have been set by people who have Realised It.

These experiences are recorded in the Vedas.

In the form of Mantras and Sukthas.

Vedas provide solutions to mundane problems as well.

Though the Reality is One and abstract,it can be realised by following procedures laid down in the Vedas.

This path is a little difficult.

This process is Called Nirguna Upasana,that is attempting to Realize Brahman as One Beyond Attributes.

So another system was developed, taking into consideration the limited nature of Mind.

This is Saguna Upasana.

That is by praying to Individual Gods.

As the Vedas have been transmitted orally,it is difficult to the date of origin.

Taking some parameters like the Sanskrit used in Vedas,The oldest Veda,Rig Veda is currently dated around 5000 Years ago.

This is way of the mark considering the facts that,

Ramayana,which came much later is now dated at 5114 BC

Mahabharata is dated around 5000 BC,

(I have explained how Ramayana and Mahabharata are dated so close despite the information that these two are separated by thousands of years)

The archeological evidence unearthed in India, Russia and all over the world ,sets the time line of Vedas by thousands of years.

And fresh evidence points out that the Rig Veda was composed in The Arctic.

That alone pushes it’s date back to Hyperborea,that to million years.

And a million year old advanced Tamil site near Chennai, India refers to Vedas and Vedas refer to Tamil,an ancient language of India.

Tamil and Sanskrit run parallel and compliment each other.

The Vedas’ Date may be investigated from Tamil literature.

And Tamil had a Religious system which includes Sanatana Dharma.

In addition Tamil has systems not fully developed in the Vedas.

For example the Vaasi Yoga by Lord Shiva,whose Disciple Panini wrote the Sanskrit Grammar.

Patanjali,a disciple of Lord Shiva wrote the yoga Sutras,which is a prelude to Vaasi Yoga.

Unfortunately Not much is known about Vaasi Yoga,though sufficient information is available for Seekers.

The Tamils home land was Lemuria.

It is dated around 300 million years ago.

At the time of its existence,the sunken continent of Atlantis was in place.

Lord Rama fought with Atlantis people to extend his Empire.

Rama and the first Human being was Many.

Many was from the South, Dravida Desa and migrated to Ayodhya due to a Tsunami.

His son Ikshvsku founded the Surya vamsa, the Solar Dynasty.

Manu’s daughter Ila founded the Chandra Vamsa,Lunar Dynasty.

The Tamil philosophical system had a unique feature not found in the Vedas

That of Siddha,Realized Souls.

They are Realised souls much like the Yogins.

It is worth mentioning that Yoga is not mentioned as a system in the Vedas.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras came much later.

But Shiva,who is considered as the first Siddha,Adi Siddha,in Tamil and is considered to have founded the Tamil language,along with Sanskrit.

Shiva’s avatars are not found in detail in the north of Vindhya mountains,while South of Vindhya,the Dakshina pada, Dravida Desa details avatars, sixty four in number.

The landmass which was the Tamils home is about 300 Million year old, Lemuria.

These people and those adjoining Lemuria,The MU were highly advanced.

Ancient Tamil Advaita is found in Thirumandhiram,by Thirumoolar.

And the Tamils had and have a vast literature.

The Sangam period saw some finest httpsliterature.

It is currently dated around 3000 years ago.

But consequent to the dating of Poompuhar,Tamil Nadu to 20,000 years ago,the history of Tamil Sangam goes farther back.

The oldest Tamil literature available now is Tholkappiyam,a Book on Grammar and this belongs to second Tamil Sangam.

There was an earlier Tamil Grammar Work Aindhiram,which was lost to a Tsunami.

Aindhira is presumed to be Indra ,A Vedic Deity.

He is reported to have written this grammar.

Tholkappiyam indicates that it follows Aindhiram.

It is worth noting that Valmiki was a Tamil Sangam poet.

So was Tholkappiyar,who wrote Tholkappiyam.

Now recent research Sri.Ganapathi Sthapathi states that Aindhiram was written by Mamuni Mayan.

This treatise was lost due to Tsunami.

This is the fist Veda from which the Four Vedas,Rig,Yajur Sama and Atharva sprang.

The four Vedas were not perfect.

Interesting concept.

The basis for the concept rests on the following.

1. Tamil land Lemuria was older.

2.The Tamils had a distinct identity.

3.The term Pranav’s Veda is referred in Bhagavathi and some Puranas.

4.The Mayan civilisation sprang from Tamils.

5.Mayan Sculpture and architecture follows Tamil systems.

It is true that Mayan civilisation had its roots in Bharatavatsha,of which Tamils were a part.

Tamils followed Sanatana Dharma.

However they had distinct identity in worship.

The Vedas speak of Fire Worship.But Tamil worship did not include fires worship at the beginning.

However references to fire worship in the form Yagnyas are found from the days of Perunchotru Udhiyan Neduncheralaathan,a Cheers king,who donated areas for Dwelling of Brahmins.

He also took part in the Mahabharata war.

This places him in the Mahabharata Era.

Madurai Meenakshi’s father took part in the Mahabharata war, fought along side the Pandavas.

And as stated earlier Valmiki vwho wrote Ramayana was a Tamil Siddha and he wrote a Tamil poem.

The Vaasi Yoga of Tamils preceded Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

However the concept that the Pranav’s Veda is perfect and others are not so seems to be without basis.

I had written in detail about thePranava Veda being imparted by Lord Subrahmanya to Shiva at Swamimalai,Tamil Nadu.

On perusal of available material on the net ,Pranava Veda seems to concentrate more on Cosmology.

The importance of OM and Light is stressed along with principles of Cosmos.

There are also points of reference to Realisation,though not in vivid detail as found in the Vedas.

That Aindhiram is the source for this text is hard to digest.

Records available indicate that it is a book on Grammar and not a Scriptural text.

And the Texts quoted from Pranav’s Veda seem to be more on Vaasthu,that is rules of architecture.

The Pranava Veda texts also speak of Temple construction.

Vedas do not speak of Temple Worship nor do they mention public Worship.

Iswara Pranidhana concept was introduced by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras.

Prior to this individual deity worship is not found in Smritis.

However one of the oldest temples in India ,Thiruvellarai was built by King Sibi,a Chola.

He was the ancestor of Lord Rama and he had his second capital in what is now the NWFP of Pakistan.

The concept of Building temple originated during the Period of Agama composition.

Agama lays down rules for Temple construction and these are followed even today.

Please refer my articles on Agama for details.

The Agama System was after Sage Viswamitra.

Sage Viswamitra banished his sons to Dravida Desa,for disobeying and questioning him .

(Please refer my articles on this and other points mentioned in this article for details.

I am providing a couple of links and more can be found in this site.)

They found Tamil cultures to be quite advanced and their descendent Apasthamba formed the Apasthamba Sutra for The Four Vedas.

This is followed till today by those living south of the Vindhya Mountains.

Apasthamba also wrote Treatises on way of Living,called Gruhya Sutras.

There he incorporated the non Vedic Concept of Thirumangalyam for women in marriage.

Vedic marriage is complete when Sapthapathi is completed.

No Maangalya Dhaarana is mentioned.

So the best practices of Sanatana Dharma and Tamils, in the opinion of Apasthamba, were incorporated in Apasthamba Sutras.

Hence there was a free flow of thoughts between Vedic and Tamil people.

And there is no proprietary right over Vedas for Brahmins.

Those who write on Pranava Veda speak of Pranava Veda as one that belongs to Viswamitra and People belonging to the Viswakarma community need not follow other Vedas and Pranava Veda is mainly addressed to Viswakarmas.

Nothing can be farther from Truth.

There is also a mention of names of Asuras and their characters were misinformation.

This is also incorrect.

Based on available resources it appears to me , that,

Pranava Veda is Scripture ,

It speaks of Pranava,OM and cosmology in detail as compared to Vedas,

Siddha concepts are found in Pranava Veda,

It deals more with Vaasthu and Sculpture and Architecture,

It is in Tamil,

It is not Aindhiram,

Mamuni Mayon could have complied it,

It is not Veda as is understood now in that it does not have enough material to call it as such

And the origin of finding the manuscript from Saraswati Mahal is not backed up by facts,like where the the man who found them lived and how the texts are interpreted,other than some foundations repeating the same fact and references in Theosophy.

I am yet to see Tamil Text of Pranava Veda.

More research is needed to arrive at a firm objective conclusion.

Will write more on Pranava Veda,It’s concepts,Mayasura,Mamuni Mayon,Mayan and Tamil civilisation,though I have written on the last mentioned.

However,as per Russian Tradition there are Nine Vedas and only four were released to Bharathavarsha.

The Rig Veda was composed in the Arctic.

Krishn’a son Pradhyumna built a city in Por Baijn, Sibria,

River Volga was the cradle of Vedic civilization

Russia was called Rishi Varsha and also as Sthree Varsha, a country ruled by women,

It belonged to Ila Varsha od Indian Puranas,

Lake Baikal was Vaikanasa Theertha,

Indra’s Amravathi was Arkaim,

Swasthik Rig Vedic Mandala city was built in Russia.

Pranava Veda.

What we see above is called the “Five fold Veda.” This is the “source” Veda that presents the scientific manifestation process (Pranava Veda) and the four products of that manifestation (poetry, music, dance, and architecture).

All of these “forms” (poetry, music, dance, architecture) are generated from the Unmanifest Space or Brahmam based on SPACE, TIME, SOUND and LIGHT which give rise to all aural and visual forms in the manifest world. In this science and technology, each of these manifest forms of paravastu or Vastu are governed by a common grammar of Kaala manaa (time units) called Taala maana.The dominant and all pervasive element in the creation of these forms is the concept and process of the unmanifest becoming manifest by its own creative nature.

Based upon this theory of manifestation, and to signify the Five Fold Veda, the Shilpis have created a form with five heads. This form is called Vishwakarman. It represents the five Vedas, that is the Pranava Veda which is the instruction manual for how the Unmanifest (Vastu) turns Itself into Manifest creation (Vaastu) and the four products of that manifestation (poetry, music, dance and architecture).

Pranava Veda, Theosophy angle.

This material is provided by Dr. Guy Pettitt; below this table of contents is his introductory letter on this rare resource.

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Lemuria 300 Million Years Old

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  1. I felt – unlike generic argument that if Vedas are not proprietary why are they kept away from others? only answer – its who decides to learn it, it’s who gyana finds deserving one to reach. Also Vedic scripts are in coded verses to an exponential level which can only be understood by the Soul NOT a mere brain/intelligence, through rigorous introspection. Hence this process takes many births depending on improvement of Soul-Memory.

    We are grateful Ramanan Garu for your service to Dharma.

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