World An Illusion Objects Altered By Us Quantum Proves Hinduism 

That is the reason non living Beings are called as Achalam, that is Non moving and those with Consciousness which we normally  associate with Life by calling tthose with Life as possessing Consciousnessand non living beings as without Consciousness because we presume that they have no Life.

Vishnu ViswaroopamVisnu's Cosmic Form.

I Perform Sata Rudreeyam Daily Lord Krishna in Mahabharata

Oh king, listen to me as I recite to thee that Sata-Rudriya which I repeat; with restrained senses, every morning after rising from bed...O sire, It is Sankara who Created All the creatures in the Universe, mobile and immobile.

Shankaracharya Misinterpret Vedas Misled, Shiva In Padma Purana?

“The Mayavada philosophy is impious. It is covered Buddhism. My dear Parvati, in the form of a brahmana in Kali-yuga I teach this imagined Mayavada philosophy. In order to cheat the atheists I mislead them by describing the Supreme Lord to be without any personal form or qualities.”

Gotra Pravara Adi Shankaracharya Krishna Yajur Vedin

I received a comment that whether Shankaracharya's gotra is Namboodiri and whether his gotra belongs to Viswakarma . I replied that Namboodiri is a sect of Brahmins and they have Gotras and though I have written on Namboodiris, I shall write on their Gotras.