Rahul Gandhi Director Backhops Ltd UK British Citizen Document Four Passports

Rahul Gandhi. Director, Backhops Ltd. UK.image

Rahul Gandhi,the Prime Minister aspirant ,India, had declared, in details furnished in UK,that he is a citizen of Britain.

Is he eligible to become the Prime Minister of India?

He has declared thus thrice,once there is overwriting on ‘Indian ‘citizen.

The story.

Rahul Gandhi had declared himself a British citizen in the registration papers of a private company in London, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy alleged today, a charge that the Congress has dismissed.


Mr Swamy today released documents along with his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding that the Congress vice president be stripped of his Indian citizenship and Parliamentary membership. The documents, he said, show that Mr Gandhi had called himself “British” on the annual returns of a UK-based firm “Backops Limited”. The 45-year-old Congress leader was the director and secretary of the company, according to the documents that the BJP leader said he had extracted from the company law authorities of Britain.’

BJP MP Subramanian Swamy, recently claimed that Rahul Gandhi has 4 passports, one in the name of Raul Vinci and has a chapel at home, during the event ‘India ka DNA Conclave’, organized by Zee News. The BJP leader further claimed that Congress President Rahul Gandhi does not have an M.Phil degree as he flunked his economics paper.

Check out this Link.

The company is now closed.

You can still get the information.


Reference and citation.



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