Introduction Thirumurukaatruppadai Translation English

Tamil Sangam Literature speaks of God in detail.SangaTamil Kings Cher, Chozha and Pandya Kings nurtured Tamil Language.Pandyas held three Tamil Poets Conclave called Tamil Sangam.They were three.I will be translating the Thirumurukaatuppadai in English.

Presence of Hinduism Around the Ancient World

It is not a View but a Way of Life, as Dr.Radhakrishnan, put it.

In the journey of Sanatana Dharma, I have ascertained the following facts.

Sanatana Dharma is older than what the dates have been assigned now( 5000 BC for Rig Veda)
It was the Religion of the world.
It spread throughout the world.
Rama , Krishna, Vikramadhitya ruled the world.
Krishna’s son built a city in Russia.
Rig veda was composed in Russia.
Russia had an all women Kingdom called Sthreevarsha.
Russia had a city of Swastika……