Producing Homa Fire Only By Mantra? Explanation.

Preparing Fire for Homa

To the best of my knowledge based on our ancient texts and procedures what is shown in Vedeos 1and 2 as Agni, Fire, being produced only by Mantras is not possible. The purported Mantra  being chanted  in the first video, is not Agni Suktha.Unable to decipher what it it is.This kind of dubious information brings disrepute to Sanatan Dharma.

How Christianity Attempted To Forge Thirukkural as Inspired by Bible Exposed By Court

Christianity seems to have lost its Ethical works, including The Bible,which, incidentally was compiled three hundred years after the death of Christ,that the Church tried to forge Thirukkural and prove that it was inspired by the Bible! First step was taken in this direction by  G.U.Pope, a self styled Tamil scholar in his introduction to Thirukkural.

Rajendra Chola Donated Siva Temple Now Santhome Church Chennai

Epigraph found at Santhome Church ,Chennai

Am providing images of these Epigraphs. Shocked to see that these were indexed in 1967! The department of archaeology notes in each of the Epigraphs that it belongs to 12 AD and by Rajendra Chola and yet kept quiet. What happened to history? Shameful that our own distort history

Rig Vedic Women Sexually more Confident Than Men No Dowry Sati

Women  had Upanayan ceremony conducted for them to initiate them into study of Vedas.They were allowed to choose their partners.They had swamvars conducted to choose their husbands.( There were five types of Marriages according to Shastras and seven types of Marriages according to Tamil culture.)Women were called Rishikas if they remained ascetics, and Gruhni or Gruhalakshmi.Gruhni means one who is Home, Head of Home,Gruhalakshmi means one who is Wealth of House. Tamil ,an ancient language of India calls a married women as இல்லாள்,One who rules the home.A man , according to shastras ceases

Shiva Temple Arizona US 10,000 Years Old Study By NATURE

Now I have come across a research article in Nature and I am reproducing except from the expedition undertaken. The Shiva temple is dated at least 10,000 ago.