What Is Wrong With Indian History? This

2.No mention of the Vedic empires. 3.There is a gap of about 300 years between Panini and Daruis. 4.No mention of the Tamil and Southern Kingdoms which existed around the early Vedic age. 5.Ramayana and Mahabharata were facts and not Fables, while Bible ,Christianity, Islam and the prophet were given the status of History. 6.No mention of Sanskrit and Tamil, the two earliest languages of mankind.\

‘Haran’ In Turkey Shiva Connection To Mesopotamia

This coupled with the existence of Super Continents and reference to this by Tamil ,another ancient Language of India, the date of which is as old as Sanatana Dharama, had spurred me to dig deep into the subject. Based on this, it transpires that a Group from South India, the Dravida desa, left the South because of a Tsunami (referred to by the Puranas and Tamil literature repeatedly) , led by Shiva and His son Ganesha moved through the Middle East , Europe,Africa, to Arctic before traveling back to Saraswati Valley through Russia, and Iran, while another led by Satyavrata Manu, the ancestor of Lord Rama moved to Ayodhya to found the Ikshvaky Dynasty(Ikshvaku was the son of Satyavrata Manu

Balarama Is Hercules, Megasthenes

Hercules who penetrated so far, the Indians tell us, was a native of their country. He is particularly worshipped by the Suraseni (Shurasena), who have two great cities, Methora (Mathura) and Cleisoborus (Surapura), and the navigable river Jobares (Yamuna), passes through their territories. This Hercules, as Megasthenes asserts, and the Indians themselves assure us, uses the same habit with the Theban Hercules. Many male children, but only one daughter was born to him in India, for he married many women. The daughter's name was Pandaea, and the land where she was born, and over which Heracles placed her as ruler, was named Pandaea after her." One may note that Balarama was of white complexion unlike Krishna who was black.

Rama Hanuman Sita, Pre Roman Christian Etruscan Italy Link Ramayana

I have some information inking the pre roman, pre christian to Vedic civilization. Etruscan civilisation existed around 8 century- 2 BC in Italy and is believed to have ruled the whole of Italy. But very little information is available about them. One of the reasons, like what christianity has done to African Religion, is the systematic obliteration of the Etruscan civilisation and its history by the Romans.

Nehru Edwina Honeymoon During Noakhali, Refuses UN Seat

As the propaganda blitz is on the History of India is being scrutinized, apologists for the West and the Nehru family are on the over drive attacking the attempt to restore Indian History, which hitherto been dubbed as mythology deliberately by the west, I am posting some authentic information on the devious attempts of the Wt and on the myth of Nehru family as paragons of virtue and dedicated patriots of India. though my post is essentially share Indian thoughts on Philosophy,Religion,Science and Unique Hindu Temples. While it is important to debunk the false ancient history of Indian foisted upon Indians by the west, I feel it is equally important that one exposes the devious misinformation about India's past by Indians themselves who were Nehruvities.