Saraswati Pooja 2016 Time Procedure Slokas Details.

Saraswati Pooja .

Follow the Link for Pooja Time.
Navratri Sarswathi, Ayudha Pooja Time in 2016.
Vijay Muhurat = 14:21 to 15:08
Duration = 0 Hours 46 Mins
Navami Tithi Begins = 22:30 on 9/Oct/2016
Navami Tithi Ends = 22:53 on 10/Oct/2016
Perform Sarswathi Pooja first in the morning, avoid Rahu kaala.

Pooja procedure.

1.Perform Maha Ganapathy Pooja.

This consists of Sankalpam, Sthapanam of Vigneswara in Turmeric in the shape of Lord Ganesa,Slokas,Snanam, Paathyam etc,followed by Ganapahy Dwadasa Nama-‘Sumukhaya namaha..Maha Ganapathaye namah.

Then Dhoopam(Incense),Dheepam(Aarti). Naivedyam(Betel Leaf and Nuts,Coconut,Plantains .

Finally Prarthana-vakra thunda maha Kaya….sarvatha.

2.Saraswati Pooja.

Saraswati playing the Veena.


‘Mamopaartha Samastha duridashayadthwara Sri Parameswara preethyartham ( For Vaishnavas-Sriman Narayana preethyartham

Sube sobane muhoorthe aadhya Brahmanah dweediya Paraarthe, swetha varaha kalpe,vaivaswatha Manvanthare, Astavigum sathitame,kaliyuge, pradame paadhe,Jamboothdweepe Bharata Varshe, Bharata kande, merooh,Dakshine pareswe,sahapte,Asmin,varthamaane, Vyavaarihe, Prabhavaati Shasti Samvathsaraanam, Madhye,……. nama samvathsare,Dakshinaayane,Varsha Ritau,kanya maase,Sukla pakshe,Navamyam,Subahithou,…… vaasara Yuktayaam……….Nakshatra Yuktaayaam,Suba Nakshatra,Suba Yoga,Suba Karana, Evenguna viseshana visishtaayaam,Asyaam,Navamyaam Suba thithou,mamo paartha Samastha Duridashayadwara, Sri Parameswara Preethyartham(Sriman Narayana Preethyartham)Sri Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati Prasadha Sidhyartham,Sukla Maha navami Punya kaale,Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati Poojaam Karishye.

Fill in Year, Nakshatra and Day

Ring the Bell.

Do -Yathasnam Prathishtayami for Ganesa and move theTurmeric Ganesa towards North.

Next Dhyaanam, Aavahanam

Please refer Kalpathrayam Book or Pooja Vidhaanam.

Then,Anga Pooja.

Saraswati Asthothram-Follow the Link for Audio.

Doopam,Deepam, Naivedyam.(Coconut, betel leaf , nuts, fruits,Payasam,Annam, and Ghee on Annam and Dal).

Prarthana and ‘Yakundendu’ sloka.

Books, pens,  and educational aids may be decorated and Archana is to be performed io them

On this Day no one is to Read or Write.

After Doing Punar Pooja and Deeparathana on Dasami(6h), books etc may be taken out and read as usual.

This blog is only a pointer and I hope this would enable the reader to search for Details and become well informed.

I shall blog on the meaning of these Sankalpa and Details of Rituals.

By Ramanis blog

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger,Tedex Speaker


  1. hai…i have the responsibilty of performing saraswati pooja in my institute..can you please blog the hymns for the the vinayak pooja(sankalpam ,sthapana etc…pooja is on 15th feb….will be glad if helped


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