Bicycle In Temple Sculpture 1000 Years Ago Anamoly Panchavarneswara Worayur

World is teeming with historical anamolies,that is with objects in place at a time where they have no business to be.

The object in question is recorded to have been invented later.

Will be writing in detail about World,Historical anamolies.

One such a historical anamoly is at Panchavarneswara temple Urayur,near Tiruchirapalli,Tamil Nadu India.

One can also see micro drilling technology in Indian temples, including the one at Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu.

One can find a sculpture of a Man riding a bicycle in Panchavarneswara temple Urayur.

This temple contains inscription during King Rajarajan.

He is currently assigned 1010 AD.

However the temple is reported to have been built by Kochenganan,who ruled much earlier.

He also built the Akhilandeswari Temple at Thiruvanaikkaval.

Woraiyur,Urayur was once the capital of the Cholas.

In 1980, the priest of Woraiyur’s Panchavarna Swamy temple invited Dr. Kalaikovan for a prayer of thanksgiving after the successful cataract operation that he had done on him.

“After the prayer, while taking a look around, I came across the carving of a bicycle on a pillar behind the Amman temple,” says Dr. Kalaikovan. “It was so funny and intriguing to see the picture of a cycle in an ancient temple. But neither the officials nor the scholar who wrote its history, were able to explain how it came there. I started researching this fact.”

Through multiple forays into the history of the bicycle (which was invented in Germany in 1800s), and the Chola-era Woraiyur temple, he theorised that the vehicle was possibly a novelty in Tiruchi of the 1920s, when the temple had been renovated. “Perhaps the sculptor had seen someone on a cycle, was impressed by it and had recorded it forever on stone,” says Dr. Kalaikovan. “After this I got so interested in temple history, that I could no longer leave it.

“The builder of the temple, Kochengannan Chozhan, was the first to develop the typical temple complex in the 5th century. He premiered the concept of building temples on a maada (raised platform), followed by the Vimana (tower above the sanctum-sanctorum), to protect the structure from the flooding of the Cauvery.”

The centre has since found 34 such temples in the State.


How to reach.

Airport. Tiruchirapalli.

Railway Station. Tiruchirapalli,

Bus Station.Tiruchirapalli.

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    • More to follow on Tamil,Temples, Tamil kings,Lemuria. I need a clarification.How is the date mentioned in Epigraphs determined?Tamil Kings and Indian kings,in their temple carvings,edicts date them with Indian years,like Prabhava,Vibhava etc with Thithi,Nakshatra and day.The issue is our years are Cyclic and years Keep on repeating,so all the Thithi.Such being the case how a specific year is arrived at for a specific Epigraph?I tried with Tamil department, Epigraphy in Pondicherry.But of no avail.Can you throw some light on this?


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