Bicycle In Temple Sculpture 1000 Years Ago Anamoly Panchavarneswara Worayur

One can find a sculpture of a Man riding a bicycle in Panchavarneswara temple Urayur. This temple contains inscription during King Rajarajan. He is currently assigned 1010 AD. However the temple is reported to have been built by Kochenganan,who ruled much earlier. He also built the Akhilandeswari Temple at Thiruvanaikkaval.

Man Makes Love To Bicycle

Seems that he does not want commitments and gets relieved at the same time, like Living Together Arrangement! A masturbating man was caught on Film making Love to a Bicycle. "A masturbating man has been caught on film rubbing himself against the seat of a bicycle, whose owner had grown tired of finding the tyres punctured and set up a camera."

Bicycle Rod In Boy’s Anus: And Other Weird Objects

In a freak accident a Boy's Anus got stuck into a Bicycle rod in China. The Rod was later removed in the Hospital and the Boy escaped with no injury!(Hufffington Post) Related: Live Ammunition in Anus; Source for Images: