Floating City Over China Parallel Universe

The atmospheric condition to 'facilitate' the Images seen in China and elsewhere should have been or should be present in many places at any given point of time. Then why do these images appear only in some areas ? The other contrived explanation is Fata Morgana.

Assam Kings Ruled From 20000 BC Hiuen Tsiang

Indian texts are brushed aside as Myths. Now let me quote Huein Tsiang, a Chinese traveler who visited India around 643 AD. Any problem in accepting this? He states that 1000 generations of Kings (before Huein Tsiang) ruled Assam. Taking the conservative estimate of 20 Years per generation , this works out to 20*1000=20,000!

Chinese Descendants Of Mahabharata King Pururava?

It is also stated that the Chinese were the descendants of the son of Pururavas,Ayu. There is a reference in the Chinese tradition that the ancestors of the Chinese people came to China after crossing the high mountain ranges to the South.

China Urals Mongolia Arctic Aurora Borealis Sugreeva Geography

Accurate Geographical reference was provided by Sugreeva to his Vanara Army for the Search of Sita. Here I present from the Valmiki Ramayana, the places described by Sugreeva as lying in the North of Kailash and modern Names of these places. I shall post on details of the search for Sita in other directions.

Indian Tribes In China, Iran Central Asia, Greece

There had been migrations in the world continuously. The Migration of people into Europe in waves coincides(?) with the Tsunami in Bharatvarsha, as India was then called. Contrary to what European writers say, the migration to Europe was from India. If one cares to check the migration dates of various countries and races in Europe, it will be noticed that it corresponds to the Great Floods that devoured lands in India. To get an idea of the ancient tribes of India, I have looked into the Mahabharata, Ramayana and he oldest literature of the World, the Vedas.