Why The Cycle of Births and Deaths Sahasranama Answers

Why The Birth Cycle?

Rama Birth Place Temple Built Before 100 BC

The Skanda Purana and the Brahmanda Purana list Ayodhya as one of the Holy Spots of Hinduism. ‘In the Atharvaveda, Ayodhya was said to be “a city built by gods and being as prosperous as paradise itself”. In Garuda Purana, Ayodhya is said to be one of seven holiest places for Hindus in India, with Varanasi […]

Rudra Birth Place Adi Gokarna Creates World Ekadasa Rudras

Her fearful but innocent pleading moved Rudra.

He asked if she had any wishes. Bhoomi requested him to move out slowly from a tiny hole in her ear. She also requested him to take a tiny form (Angushta Matra).

Rudra conceded to her request and came out of Bhoomi’s ear.

Death Expenses Upto Thirteen Days Detail

So one need not be worried whether one has omitted some.
If the Purohit does not do the Dhanas after one has given him money, the Sin would accrue to him and not to the Kartha.
For the Thirteenth day, expenses for Food and Pooja materials(Pooaja materials might cost maximum Rs.500) is to be borne by the householder.

Just Before Death Whole Life Flashes by Neuroscience Study

In many cultures it is the belief that one sees his entire life flash before his eyes few seconds before his death.Now Neuroscience seems to have stumbled upon evidence that seems to validate this belief. In Hinduism, death is not considered as the end,but the beginning of another Life.Birth is considered to be the one that binds.The Subtle Body leaves at the time of death with the impressions of the present Life to another. I had explained this concept in my articles about Subtle body , How good offered to the Dead reaches them

Death Rites Explanation Part 1 Hinduism

The dying is made to lie down head facing South.

The body without Life is called Sava while the state of Jiva(Soul) is Preta.

The Yamadutas, the servants of the Lord of Death, Yama drags the life out.

As soon as the life is out, a small oil lamp lit with Gingelly oil is left near the body’s head.

The body is to be laid on the Dharpa grass.

The body is bathed, daughters, perform this and draped with a new Cloth after removing everything else from the body.

The body is garlanded and Rice is dropped in the mouth by the relatives.

The ceremonies are performed as dictated int the relevant Veda Sutra of the deceased.

The son takes bath and performs the Homa and takes the body with Fire in a pot to the cremation Ground.

The son is expected to shave, in some custom hair of the head is also removed.

At the cremation ground, the son performs Nagna Prachchadana Sraddham,after removing the clothes from the body.

Death Chant Of Hinduism Karna Mantra

This post is meant for people who believe in God , not for those who believe in Love, though not have seen it,yet deny God.

We in our normal lives, imagine we have no time to think of God,( yet we do have time for TV and Politics); it is much more difficult to think of God when we lie dying when your senses are leaving you and you are in pain.

Hindu Sastras declare that one becomes what one thinks of at the time of Death.

So the Sastras enjoin one to name their children in the name of God.

By calling out to them,though you do not mean it,you call out God and He remembers, for Fire will singe you whether you are aware of it or not.

What name is to call out as Death stalks.

The One who guides you at and after Death is Lord Vishnu, the protector.

He is the Ultimate Ruler of Death in His Name Govinda.

Govinda is the name which is very dear to Lord Krishna, an Avatar of Vishnu.

The name is to be called out.

When and if you can not call this Name. those around you are required to recite the Vishnu Sahasranama or Om NamaSivaya.

Yet there is an important ceremony to be performed by the eldest son at the time of Death of his parents.

He is to keep the head of the parent at the time of dying on his left thigh and chant this mantra.

sarva-dharman parityajya
mam ekam saranam vraja
aham tvam sarva-papebhyo
moksayisyami ma sucah


sarva-dharman–all varieties of Dharma; parityajya–abandoning;mam–unto Me; ekam–only; saranam–surrender; vraja–go; aham–I;tvam–you; sarva–all; papebhyah–from sinful reactions; moksayisyami–deliver; ma–not; sucah–worry.

Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction and grant you Salvation. Do not fear.

Here Lord Krishna uses the rarely used form of address to speak to Arjuna.

That is ‘Ma Sucha’

This is a term of endearment by a Father to his son.

Krishna does not use this term anywhere to address Arjuna , in the Mahabharata, not did he use this term to anybody in the Puranas.

What are the different Dharmas?

Shiva Performs Death Rite for Hoysala King

Yet there is a Temple in Tamil Nadu , where Lord Shiva performs the Sraddha every year in the month of Maasi,February/March, for a Hoysala King, Vallala Deva.
Legend has it that Vallala ruled with Thiruvannamalai

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