Shiva Performs Death Rite for Hoysala King

It is widely known that Lord Vishnu performed the annual death rite,Sraddha which is to be performed by sons to their parents, for his devotee who was childless.
This incident is enacted at the Sarangapani Temple,Kumbakonam,Tamil Nadu,India.

SHIVA performs Sraddha

Lord Vishnu is the Deity who is the ruling Deity during/after Death.
Hence his Name Govinda is used on occasions related to death.
The Name of Shiva  is not used on these occasions.
Yet there is a Temple in Tamil Nadu , where Lord Shiva performs the Sraddha every year in the month of Maasi,February/March, for a Hoysala King, Vallala Deva.
Legend has it that Vallala ruled with Thiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu , as his Capital.

Vallala Gopuram ,Thiruvannamalai

He was an ardent devottee of Lord Shiva.
One day a devotee of Shiva visited him and asked the king, who had taken a vow to fufill the needs of the devotees of Shiva, that he [the devotee] needed a woman for the night!

Vallala Deva statue in Thiruvannamalai temple

The King, who did not want to assign this duty to any of his subjects, sent one of his wives,channamma, to the devotee.
In the room, as soon as she touched the devotee, he became an Infant in her lap!
Awestruck, the queen rushed to the King with the child .
When the King attempted to hug the child[ he was childless], the infant disappeared an a voice rang out saying that he was Shiva , he had come to fufill the wishes of the King to have a child and he shall perform his annual death rite Sraddha as a son would.
This is in enacted every year at Thiruvannamalai.
History records that there was a Hoysala King Vallala Deva ruling from Thirivannamalai.
There are insciptons on this.
This ceremony is conducted  a Pallikondan Pattu , 3 km from Thiruvannamalai.
There is a Gopuram by the name  Vallala Gopuram in the Arunachaleswara temple in Thiruvannamalai.
More to follow on Thiruvannamalai.
I had written an article that Thiruvannamalai is 3.94 billion years old.

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