Saibaba Sexual Escapades by BBC Analysis

There are criticisms about Sri Sathya Saibaba of Puttaparthy.
The comments and allegations fall under two categories.


1.He was a magician and a trickster.
What he used to demonstrate, materialising vibhuthi,ornaments out of thin air and the emergence of Shiva Linga from his mouth are simple and elementary tricks of a magician.
Before proceeding further, let  me state that I am not a follower of Saibaba and for that matter any human being however exalted he may be for I follow the  Vedas and its interpretation as Advaita.
I have visited Puttaparthy once because I was compelled by my friend who was 86 and I could not turn him down.
I might add that the tranquility I felt when Baba walked into the hall with about 500 people, can not be expressed or rationalised.
The slander of Saibaba is fueled by a BBC documentary Secret of Sai Baba.
Watch the Video.
Secret of Saibaba
As the credibility of  BBC is high among people(  I do not belong to this category, I go by facts/evidence)
The campaign against Baba has become virulent.
On a careful examination and watching the Video in full, these are my observations.
1.There are self styled Rationalists,who would have you believe that they are the only beings who think and the rest are fools,show in the Video how the materialisatons are done and these are experts performing.
Watch closely how they struggle especially when they try to take Shiva Linga from the mouth.
Notwithstanding the assumption that they are performing to expose the trick of Baba, one can see their struggle in front of an audience numbering less than fifty.
Watch Baba doing these.
However close the camera zooms in, I have not been able to see the slight of hand.You are made to skip the point by the narration.Mute the video and observe what Baba does and how others perform.
What prevents these people from performing these,earn and give away to Society as Baba has done,like making Krishna Water available to Chennai city reeling under water scarcity?
Baba has stated that he was perfoming these only to instil faith among people in God and service to Humanity.
These noble rationalists…
What have they done for the upliftment of people who suffer,at least by consoling them?
What they gained is cheap publicity.
Another point is how and why these people do not say a word about the Saints, most of them promoted by the Vatican by a curious process of conferring Sainthood?
This includes BBC.
Or her treatment of non christians.
OR the Miracles of the Prophet?
Or what is done in Ajmer DARGA?
2.Now to BBC video on the sexual escapades of Baba.
Watch the people who are making these allegations and their facial expressions.
Now if some one had tried to make sexual advances towards you, how do you react or narrate the experiences to a third party that too in  video set to be seen by millions?
Would there not be a sense of revulsion ,anger and loathing in your expressions?
In the video all these people, on the contrary, have a serene expression.
And if you have been molested why do you still wear the materialised  objects by Baba?
How do they explain the happenings in their life after them coming into contact with Baba?
The video is slickly produced with careful editing and script.

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By Ramanis blog

Retired Senior Management Professional. Lectures on Indian Philosophy,Hinduism, Comparative Religions. Researching Philosophy, Religion. Free lance Writer.Blogger,Tedex Speaker


  1. OK! Mr. Ramanan. I have all appreciation about your blog and its content.

    You have included the “Saibaba Sexual Escapades by BBC Analysis” episode in your blog. And now I have come across one web page “” and after going through I am realising why the believers of muslim faith are like this throughout the world.

    Kindly go through the pages of this web site and if possible try to popularise this web site too………..Palanichamy


  2. From P. Palanichamy,

    I have started reading and appreiating your blog for a quite some time may be for 4 months or so. But now I am really pained to, see that you have uploaded the BBC review about Siradi Said BABA for cheap publicity and only to popularise your Blog.

    To some extent many south Indians are aware of the magic that Sai Baba was doing to attract people to his fold. This was very obvious from his appearence and his actions itself. But what has to be judged at this junture of time is overall good and evil. Certainly his movement has created positive effect against the western and Arabic money oriented, ruthless and babaric cultures imposed upon Hindus and Dravidians over a period of several Centuries,

    And in India too the so called followers of EVK Ramasamy can point out their finger only against Hindus but not towards those barbarians having falsefaiths without having any basis to understand the Universal Force (God) and Mind (which is very special and more effective in humen).

    I asking this BBC and you especially that why don’t you publise or expose the truth about the the so called Jesus Cries and the madness so called Allah hd exposed in the form of Kuran.

    Kindly respond?………….Palanichamy


    1. I have, in tis post, tried to expose te misinformation campaign by BBC and have explained about the services of Baba. Many people have been taken in by the BBC Video witout actually observing it.I have written about the fraud called Christianity and about Islam as well.Please ceck my posts under Christianity,IslamMy posts are about te greatness of Sanatna Dharma and Baratavarsha.Regards.


  3. MR.Ramani, It is not clear what you want to say or spread the message, by quoting the BBC news channel’s article.. if you have any kind of personal problems and hatred towards Bhagavan.Sri Satya sai Baba,or not believing in His views,teachings is your opinion,,ok, please better STOP witting ,,writting such nonsence in your BLOG.. OR You dare to write like these about some non believers, non hindu heads//leaders,, EVRamasami naicker,,, so called rationalist,,so called secularists and money making political heads such negative messages like this, to face & see what will be the consequence and repercussions..WE DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO WRITE anything against our own Hindu leaders ,heads, saints.and trying to spoil faith, belief in
    our already dwindling Hindu society Thanks and Regards.Rama Rao.


    1. I have highlighted how BBC has disinformed people snd why thr self stylef rationslists ridicule only Hinduism.Please read the post.For my views on Hinduism please check Hinduism vategory in my site.Thank you and Regds.


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