Faster Aging Nocturnal Sounds Strange Facts Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash

Secrets of Mount Kailash

Siva Stuthi in Islam By Prophet’s Uncle

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Translation.The man who may spend his life in sin and irreligion or waste it in lechery and wrath If at least he relent and return to righteousness can he be saved?If but once he worship Mahadeva with a pure heart, he will attain the ultimate in spirituality.

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Iraq Tunnels.image.
IS is using ancient tunnels,discovered recently.

Kailash Shiva Romania Iraq Interconnected Underground Tunnels

The present findings talk about a mountain find dating back to 50,000 years, where location was found, which was blocked by mysterious energy.

On entering this field , with great difficulty, it is found to have rooms with tables.

While some of them analyse your DNA others dealt with the History of the Cosmos, scientific concepts, Aliens, medicine, most of which we are unable to decipher.

One could see every thing in a Hologram in the room!

I shall not comment on this and would urge you to read straight.

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Roman Brahmin With Upaveeda, Bible Lost Veda

He had the Upaveeda sanctioned be a Pope!

He wore Sandal paste on his forehead, wooden sandals on his feet, had a Kudil(Asrama in Sanskrit)

He learnt Tamil and wrote Thembavani, a Tamil work on the Life of Christ.

He propagated that the Bible was the Lost Veda.

The gentleman, who is venerated b the ilks of frauds like Karunanidhi is none other than Robert De Nobili and his work on Jesus was a compulsory

portion from standard Ten (4 Form as it was called when I studied, some 45 Years back, it was still there when my son studied some 15 Years back)

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