How To Surrender To Devi Appaya Deekshita

How To Surrender To Devi Appaya Deekshita

Hinduism provides for the Worship of the Reality, Brahman, as Gods with Names and Forms. This system of worship is called Saguna Upasana,Worship of One with Attributes. Meditating on Reality as Brahman ,without Attributes is called Nirguna Upasna.One has a tendency towards certain things or people with some qualities. One may like Mother,Father, Teacher,Friend,Lover Wife….The  list is as big as there are dispositions.

The Form of the Deity or God is determined by the disposition one has towards people , Mother…… The Gender of the God is also influenced by this disposition.

The Attributes that one finds appealing is attributed to the Form thus formed. And these qualities are ascribed to them.These qualities form the Kalyana Gunas of the Deity. These Gunas, Attributes are ascribed in their Purest and Infinite potential.

This is not to say that Saguna Upasana is not useful in Self Realisation. On the contrary, this aids people more. This is so ,because  not all possess the ability/ disposition to meditate on a Principle, Brahman ( Beyond Attributes,that is to understand better I shall use the term ‘ without Attributes ‘though the meaning is different).

When one decides to pursue the path of Saguna Upasana, mostly, it results in Bhakthi Yoga,Path of Devotion.When extended further, it leads to total surrender,Saranagadhi.

Many Gods, Goddesses are worshipped in Bhakthi Yoga.What is needed in Bhakthi Yoga is total emotional attachment to the Deity.In this article, I shall illustrate life instance from a great Bhakti Yogi, well versed in Sanskrit and Gnana Yogi. What is striking is the total surrender to Devi.

Apppaya Dikshita was a great philosopher and Bhakti Yogi. He was an Advaitin and a follower of Siva Advaita of Srikanta.He was also a great Devotee, Upasaka of Devi.He, nearing his death ,asked his grandson ( not directly,but through his sibling) ,Nilakanta Dikshita,who later became a courtier in King Thirumalai Naicker’ s Palace. He was also a great Sadhaka of Devi Meenakshi at Madurai,Who does one approach ‘Apathi Kum Smaraneeyam?’

The child replied ‘Smaraneeyam Charana Yugalam Ambayaaha’ That dwell on the Feet of Devi.

Appaya dikshita asked’ That  smaranam Kim Kuruthe’?  What shall happen if we do thus?

The child replied ‘ Brahmaaneethi Kingiri Kuruthe’ That is, Even Brahma,Vishnu and Siva ,all devatas included, would serve as Kinkaras  for you.

Apppaya advised child, ‘ Then hold m Her Feet steadfastly ‘

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