Ganesa Devi in Mooladhara Siddhas Explain

It is very difficult to lay one’s hands on Siddhas’ Texts, though theoretically, they are available in the web. But to get the correct text is difficult as there are fake poems floating around masquerading as Original. Unless one is familiar with ancient Tamil and the unique style of Siddhas’ Expressions, one may be misled.

Though the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali is widely popular and is practiced Today, the basis on which it is built is the Vaasi Yoga. The first Exponent of Vaasi Yoga is Siva Himself. In Vaasi Yoga, consciousness is directly addressed to,with emphasis on Breath Regulations.And this step is preceded by Do’s and Don’ts as in Ashtanga Yoga Niyama and Yama.Here in Vaasi, Asanas, one can follow what is comfortable for him) her. This point is referred to in Srimad Bhagvad Gita when Krishna talks about Sukhasana,that Posture which is pleasant. Patanjali also makes a point of this For Breath control, time taken to inhale and exhale is provided in terms of Matras. Thirumoolar Pranayama Ratio Explanation

The process of Vaasi is difficult for people,except for those who are gifted. To solve this,Siva had advised Patanjali to simplify Vaasi and introduce a yoga practice that would elevate one to Vaasi consciousness from where Vassi Yoga will take over. Accordingly Patanjali composed Yoga Sutra ,laying emphasis on postures ,followed by Pranayama.

In Vaasi as I said earlier, Prana is given priority and each Chakra is assigned a Deity. Normally one would not find texts of Yoga discipline associated with Vishnu and Lakshmi, though there is Lakshi Tantra and references to Narayana in the Sanskrit tradition.In Tamil tradition, Mahalakshmi and Vishnu are Deities for specific chakras.

In this article, I shall present details about Mooladhara chakra as explained by Thirumoolar and Bhogar. Agasthya has written extensively on similar lines.

Mooladhara chakra lies in between genital organ and rectum. It lies approximately twice the thickness of Ring finger upper to rectum and twice the thickness of Ring finger lower from genital organ .See image below.

Mooladhara location.
Mooladhara Chakra

The Mooladhara chakra lies twelve inches below the Navel;People do not know this and the Mantra to establish,( here it means to raise Kundalini) and once you know how to establish this,you shall find Siva present there.( Here Esa refers to Siva).I have provided the text of Thirumoolar’s Thirumandihram below .

நாபிக்குக் கீழே பன்னிரண்டு அங்குலம்

தாபிக்கும் மந்திரம் தன்னை அறிகிலர்

தாபிக்கும் மந்திரம் தன்னை அறிந்தபின்

கூவிக் கொண்டு ஈசன் குடியிருந்தானே -Thirumoolar

Now Bhogar says, in his Bhogar 7000, thus.

Ganesha stands on A’) Kaara அ,,in that at an angle stands U,உ,there at an angle Devi resides as Vallabhai( she is also considered as the Consort of Ganesa in Tantric Texts / He is also portrayed as Vallabha Ganapathi): at an angle shall be as Kadhali flower( as shown here), lies Kundalini as a coiled, hissing female snake as Su kaara. சு காரம், as Thuriya State( The fourth stage,thers being Jagrath,Swapna,Sushupti )

Kadhali flower

Bogar in his book ‘Bogar 7000’ noted as follows:

அகாரத்தின் மேலாகக் கணேசர் நிற்பார்

அதிலே யோர்கோணத் திலுகாரம் நிற்கும்

உகாரத்தில் வல்லபையாம் சக்தி நிற்பாள்

ஒடுங்கிய தோர்முனை யொன்றில் கதலிப்பூவாய்

புகாரமாய் முகங்கீழ்க் குண்டலியாம் சக்தி

பெண்பாம்பு போல்சுருட்டிச் சீறிக் கொண்டு

சுகாரமாய்ச் சுழிமுனையூ டுருவி நிற்பாள்

துரியாதீ தம்மென்ற வவத்தை தானே.

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