Become Siva See Bala Through Veda Vaasi Yoga


Siddhas had left us treasure trove of Knowledge. They are In Tamil. There are a lot of Sampradayas in India on Tantric practiced. The practices in the North and the Guruparampara list has been published in this blog. Though the geographical locations matter to us,they are not to do to Yogis and Siddhas. Sri. Kuzhandaiyananda Swamigal,with whom my family was personally connected with was seen as Trilinga Swamigal in the North. References to Trilinga Swami can be found in Paramahamsa Yogananda ‘ s Book Autobiography of a Yogi.

Siddhas are different in terms of approach to metaphysics and Yoga. Though the ultimate goal is self realisation for all, North or South,the process and the methodology of teaching seems to differ.Siddhas consider that death can be conquered and human body can be retained at Will for second. They consider Siva and Kailash as planes of existence and can guide and take Sadhakas there if Siddhas are so inclined. They also take Vishnu,as Narayana and Devi as Bala in their system of Yogic thought. Siddhas prefer Vaasi Yoga to Asthanga Yoga as they declare that Vaasi begins where Yoga as enunciated by Patanjali ends. Siddhas are like the Avatars of Siva. They come out of nowhere and vanish in a flash. For most of them , we will not be in a position to know their Purvasrama or lineage. They shall appear at their Will for you if your passion to Spirituality is intense and sustained. Even material regarding Siddhas, though in theory is available , one may not be able to access it at one’s Will or even write about it. This has been my experience I was also informed by Siddha ,Sri. Nellai Vasanthan,also an Astrologer of a different calibre. He pinpointed through my friend over phone that I had been planning to write on three subjects for years and among them was Vaasi Yoga. He also conveyed that Vaasi material would be made available when I was ready to receive. And of the three topics, I will not be able to write on one Subject I had in my mind, in this Birth! I find this to be amazing for part of it is proved and am awaiting for other points to be validated whivh I am sure Will Be.

Siddhas,though they consider Siva as the Aadhi Yogi and invoke Siva at all times, they also consider Narayana and Devi as Bala in Yogic practices. The immediate article preceding this article was on how Narayana and Bala Tripura Sundari is invoked by Siddha Valmiki,same Valmiki who compiled Ramayana .Now let’s see what Siddhas say on Devi Yoga.

‘Start from Anus,Mooladhara and other chakras proceed to Top of head ,Sahasrara;and in between Tongue 👅,Mouth,Ears ; at each of these points, Meditate on Devi as Mother,and Chant Vedas.Do this as A Japa, without Moving lips and mouth; keeping still remain Silent.When you feel Vaasi, Mind shall become Still and modifications of Mind/ Chitta will cease.

# When he says Vedas, I tend to take the view that it can be any of the Panchasukthas,Sri Rudra or any specific Rik found them.And considering the context, Vaasi here seems to mean Siva. That is if you follow the procedure as explained above, when your Mind becomes Still you will feel Siva, become Siva.And You shall see Devi as Bala Tripurasundari.

நாக்கு வாய் செவிமூக்கு
மத்திக் கப்பால்
நடுவீதி குய்யமுதல் உச்சி தொட்டுத்
தாக்குவாய் அங்கென்றே அதிலே முட்டுத்
தாயாரைப் பூசித்து வேதம் ஓது
வாக்குவாய் அசையாமல் மவுனங் கொண்டு
வாசிவரு மிடத்தில் மனம் வைத்துக் காத்து
நீக்குவாய் வாசியொடு மனந்தான் புக்கு
நினைவதனி லடங்கிவரும்; வாலை காணே

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