Porkaip Pandya in Sanskrit Inscription in Laos. Details

I have written about the spread of Sanatan Dharma and Tamil culture ( both are intricately related) throughout the world. Every single world culture , civilization can be traced to either of these. Apart from being present through out the world,it’s influence is so great that it’s remains are noticed even today in these cultures/ countries. Thailand , Cambodia, Vietnam..these countries were founded by Kaundinya from Kanchipuram. The biggest Hindu temple complex in the world is Angkorvat Cambodia. One finds Kshatriya Clan in Cambodia. Rama kings are found in Thailand.Balamon Cham Brahmins are in Vietnam.The list is endless. Kindly Google the country name plus RamanisBlog for more information.

In Laos, we have a Siva mountain . And A Siva temple was built in Shrestapura Vat phu champask is how the area is now called.The inscriptions in the temple speak of the valour and Just reign of the Tamil King Porkaip Pandian, பொற்கைப் பாண்டியன், Pandya with Golden Arm. Tamil Literature speaks of this King. Once, he went on a regular round of the city,Madurai, as a part of his duty to check the city and also to know about the pulse of the people ,their opinions about his rule. On one such trip, on hearing people talking in a house( where on the earlier night he came to know, the husband had gone on tour) knocked the door, thinking that there was an intruder in the house. However, before the doors were opened, he understood by the conversation between the people in the house that the visitor was the husband who had returned home and was talking to his wife. The King felt that the husband might suspect his wife’s fidelity because of the knock at the doors when he was away.So he knocked the doors of every house in the street and reached his palace undetected.

The next day ,people from the street came to his Durbar and complained that there was a thief who went on knocking every door and was not to be found .The King asked what could be meted out to him, if he is found. People suggested that his one arm of the thief should be cut. The King immediately cut his arm with his sword. People were shocked and were overwhelmed by his Fairplay.He, then had an arm made of Gold and was called as Porkaip Pandian, meaning ,Pandya with Golden Arm..

The temple was built by Devaneeka and the inscription in the temple built around Fifth century AD, speaks about Devaneeka.

This Tamil King referred to and praised in the Laos inscription is Porkaip Pandya.The inscription in Sanskrit and it’s Tamil translation is provided below.

Inscription about Porkaip Pandya in Laos.
Laos inscription about Porkaip Pandya
Tamil inscription of Laos on Porkaip Pandya.

The inscription says’ The King Kanaka Pandya,( mean the Pandya with Golden Arm) was as Righteous as Yudhishthira; Bhagirath in protecting his subjects,Arjuna( Vijaya) in conquering enemies;Indrdhyumna in performing Yagnyas; Protector of Everyone as Kind Sibi( ancestor of Sri. Rama);Follower of Vedic dharma as Vishnu ; Dispenser of justice as Kanakapandya;As stable as Himalayas and majestic as The Ocean.

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