Shiva Linga In Mecca, OM Is 786?

Siva Linga in Kaaba. Image

Bharatvarsha , as explained in the Purans included the areas now we call as Australia,Egypt, Europe apart from Africa,present Confederation of Russia.

Please read my posts on this subject under Hinduism.

When compared to Hinduism, Christianity And Islam are of recent origin.

It is a known fact that Muslims plundered the kingdoms they have conquered and carted away valuables, including Idols , calling the Idol worshipers as ‘kafirs’

I am reproducing some photographic evidence.

The joke is that both Islam and Christianity which mock at Hinduism for worshiping  Gods as Idols in the form of Man and animal (Hanuman,Varaha, Narasimha) have now ended up praying a Stone(kaaba) and Symbol for addition, The Cross!

Now there is evidence that the Muslims carted a Shiva linga and had it installed it in Mecca and it is worshiped.

Shiv Linga in Mecca.

As in the headquarters of Christianity (namely the Vatican in Rome) at the headquarters of Islam too (namely in the Kaaba temple in Mecca city of Saudi Arabia) the ancient Hindu Shiva Linga may still be seen. This cylindrical stone, rendered immovable for security by being fixed in the outer corner of a wall, is the object of reverence of all Muslims. Here Muslims still continue the seven perambulations in the age old Hindu style except that they move anti-clockwise. White silver foil shrouds the stone. The oval uncovered central portion gives the pilgrims an idea of how the stone looks. Syrians had once carried away the stone as a war trophy and kept it for 22 years.

“The King Vikramaditya inscription was found on a gold dish hung inside the Kaaba shrine in Mecca, proving beyond doubt that the Arabian Peninsula formed a part of his Indian Empire. (Ref: page 315 of a volume known as ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ treasured in the Makhtab-e-Sultania library in Istanbul, Turkey). King Vikrama’s preachers had succeeded in spreading the Vedic Hindu sacred scriptures in Arabia and Arabs were once followers of the Indian Vedic way of life. The annual fair known as OKAJ which used to be held every year around the Kaaba temple in Mecca and the present annual hajj of the Muslims to the Kaaba is of earlier pre-Islamic congregation. . Even to this day ancient Siva emblems can be seen. It is the Shankara (Siva) stone that Muslim pilgrims reverently touch and kiss in the Kaaba.

The Kaaba has 360 idols. Traditional accounts mention that one of the deities among the 360 destroyed when the place was stormed was that of Saturn; another was of the Moon and yet another was one called Allah. That shows that in the Kaaba the Arabs worshipped the nine planets in pre-Islamic days. In India the practice of ‘Navagraha’ puja, that is worship of the nine planets, is still in vogue. Two of these nine are Saturn and Moon. In India the crescent moon is always painted across the forehead of the Siva symbol. Since that symbol was associated with the Siva emblem in Kaaba it came to be grafted on the flag of Islam.

The Hindu Vedic letter in Sanskrit “OM” if seen in a mirror one can see the Arabic numbers 786 and this is the most sacred number for Muslims and copies of the Arabic Koran have the mysterious figure 786 imprinted on them. In their ignorance simply they do not realize that this special number is nothing more than the holiest of Vedic symbols misread and none of the Arabic scholar has been able to determine how they chose 786 as the sacred for them. In short muslims are also going around Siva Lingam at Kaaba, seven times as Hindus go around it seven times.

A few miles away from Mecca are a big signboard which bars the entry of any non-Muslim into the area. This is a reminder of the days when the Kaaba was stormed and captured solely for the newly established faith of Islam. The object in barring entry of non-Muslims was obviously to prevent its recapture. Kaaba is clothed in a black shroud. This custom also originated from the days when it was thought necessary to discourage its recapture by camouflaging it.

Another Hindu tradition associated with the Kaaba is that of the sacred stream Ganga (sacred waters of the Ganges river). According to the Hindu tradition Ganga is also inseparable from the Shiva emblem as the crescent moon. Wherever there is a Siva emblem, Ganga must co-exist. True to that association a sacred fount exists near the Kaaba. Its water is held sacred because it has been traditionally regarded as Ganga since pre-Islamic times (Zam-Zam water).


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    • 786 is 687 written from the original Arabic, from right to left and 687 is the period in which Mars revolves around the sun, that is what is worshipped, same in ancient Hinduism, both Hanuman , with laal langot and sindur is the personification of Mars , Ram himself is also Mars, and descendant of sun, Sooryavanshi. Soorya has to always fight Saturn, Satan, so all the villains are representatives of Saturn, Moon along with Rahu Ketu fights the domination of sun, but is always attacked by Mercury, Budh, his son fro Guru’s wife


  1. I want to know as OM is 786 in Islam whether there is any links between Shiva and Allah


  2. Good. Ramana great work, connect people to their real religion, we have to want more and more people like you in this world….. jai maa adi shakti, har har mahadev.


  3. Ramman50 sir u r great please tell me more about the history of shiv ling in mecca .keep doing this great job.


    • Dear friend RIAZATH KHAN, what is available on which site please let me know. I am interested to learn, because, I would like to adapt right things for humanity.


  4. Dear friends I don’t have a vast knowledge about religions. I think my religion people have some good and some bad things from ancient times (Hinduism). When I met one of my muslim friends in 2005. And I asked him about the Muslim religion, he told that it’s a great religion and told me some pro points in it i.e., forgiveness, not to harm anybody specially women and children, even give water to your enemy, etc. He told me that All these points were wrote in quran also. I impressed. And every religion tells the same. Then, which part of the quran tells to kill innocent and make violence, which is in vouge in these days on the name of jihad (as far as my conern Jihad means sacred war). Why the malvies and religious teachers not telling and preaching the same in public to avoid violence, as it destroy every thing and leaves nothing behind it. I am not trying to insult or questioning any religion. I also give an example of my religion followers worst and brutal act in recent past, a child in MP was died of thrust due peope of that village didn’t allowed him to drink water from a nearby hand pump because of he belongs to a low caste. Most of the villagers are uneducated, it’s never be an excuse, because it is against to humanity. But, Jihadi participents are mostly educated and supporting it. And they are against to which thing and they announced the Jihad against whom, I don’t understand. Because they are not even leaving Muslims. Please let me know the reasons and meaning of jihad (if anything else there, what I mentioned). I think ‘Peace’ keep this world peacefully.


    • Muslims today practice mullah’s Islam, not Allah’s Islam.
      Islam got politicized soon after the death of the Prophet.
      All bad things were done in the name of the Prophet.
      even rape, murder were justified as part of Jehad.
      Muslims are not able to confront this dichotomy between some sublime teachings in Koran and brutal practice that exists today.
      There are horrifying videos of public execution of people in Saudi Arabia for supposedly insulting Islam.
      Why do muslims feel so insecure about their religion?
      So much so that they have to kill non-believers, hunt down those who have supposedly desecrated Islam or left it for some other religion!
      Any muslim can go near Kashi Vishwanath temple, the most sacred of Hindu temples but no non-muslim can dare to walk on the road to Mecca. if caught, the person faces death!


  5. The universe is made of light energy vibration which is Shiva and Bhagwati who created universe and life of 5 (Panch) Tatva Sky (Nabh), Land (Dharti), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni) and Water (Jal) and than lives started in micro form. Later human were converted from Apes and they accepted the divine power of lord shiva from whom lord vishnu and lord bramha borne and created this entire universe and by that light energy vibration the soul (Atma) which is part of Holy Soul (Parmatma). Same wise we’ve our 5 body (sharir) 1st annmaya kosh which is feed by grains, 2nd Pranmaya kosh which is our soul Pran. 3rd manomaya kosh which is how we think and act, 4th gyanmaya kosh which is full of knowledge but a general human uses 4% of it and last 5th anandmay kosh which is joy of spiritual or love or hate means our feelings based on our work (karma). shivling stands of birth from shiv and parvati (maa bhagwati). Shiv is survivor (palanhar), bramha is creator (shrishtikarta) and vishnu is saver (rakshak) so all 10 avatar 1st Matsya (the fish) Avatar. 2nd Varaha (the boar) Avatar. 3rd Narasimha (the man-lion) Avatar. 4th Vamana (the dwarf) Avatar. 5th The Parasurama Avatar. 6th The Rama Avatar. 7th The Krishna Avatar. 8th The Balarama Avatar. 9th Buddha, 10th Kalki (The present age of Kali-yuga lasts 432,000 years, out of which we have passed only 5,000 years after the Battle of Kuruksetra and the end of the regime of King Pariksit. So there are 427,000 years balance yet to be finished, till the advent of Lord Kalki.). It means whenever humanity & religion under threat by Asur (Rakshas), the Vishnuavtar saves us. The way world is under threat by terrorism later with nuclear threat & world are eliminating terrorists is sign that we will conquer again.


  6. I am not a researcher but i am a dot power of Universal power to gain & give powers to others to know their powers within them, it is God.


  7. When from muslims believe faithful in 786. If it is reverse of sanskrit om, at what time english numbers has came into existence. If islam is 1000 years older than christianity then how they believe in number 786 about 2500 years back.


    • Islam came after Christianity.The process of converting Hindu symbols came much after the demise of Prophet, modifying the earlier worship of Gods practiced by the Arabs.So the Numerals were known them


  8. Very very nice blog. Ramanan sir, according to Ramayana, only Shurpanaki was not the only women to be alive after Sri Rama & Raavan’s battle , Vibishana & the womens who were all in the Lanka are alive except those who killed in battle filed . Because to Sri Rama are to suryavamsha womens are treated as god’s.

    Sir, might be what you have mentioned in the blog about Shurpanaki may be on some point undoubtedly agreeable. But you were not mentioned about Vibishana.
    King Vibishana was a Bhakta of Lord Shiva & Sri Rama . After the war he might have travelled to see his sister & with her wishes he might have done something good (to regain strenght through idols ) to his sister.
    Shurpanaki was a firm believer in Lord Shiva & King Vibishana also. So to fulfil her wishes he might have built temples & idols of Lord Shiva (linga) and other idols.

    One more thing i got confused about kissing the stone in Kaaba. In hindu system the linga will be cleaned with water & chanting mantras while cleaning or pouring water on linga. In this time only they will touch the linga with their fingers not with the lips.

    But in Kaaba they use to kiss. Muslims are great followers of whom they believe a lot. Someone as replied its sign a of registration.
    Yes, we to recognise us where ever we go(temles are shrine etc) through by pooja are some other remembarable works.


  9. Hey, there. I suggest you to watch the debate between Srisri Ravi Shankar and Dr. Zakir Naik on interfaith debate 🙂 I am sure its worth it 😉


    • Sri Sri Ravishankar is a great spiritual leader while Zakir Naik is a fraud masquerading as an intellectual.
      I have watched the debate. Naik is pathetic.
      Muslims just don’t get it.
      All religions lead to same goal: to reach god but muslims try to assert: my way or the highway.
      The world is getting fed up of such people.


  10. its Proven that Islam Religion came into existent only 1300 years ago.
    Christianity 2000 years ago, Buddhism 2500 years, Sanathan Dharma Oldest Since the time Prithvi (earth came into existence ) Coming from the dawn of Creation.

    Mohammad Preached these Tribes (current muslim generation) according to their thought process….for eg: there is a saying in Quran, ‘ you should not have sex with your mothers and sister’ 4th Surah,Verse23-24,Koran
    Same with Christians – even they where Tribal So there is a verse “Thou shalt not kill” – BIBLE

    so you can imagine what was their thought process that time, so according to people caliber messengers preach.

    its all about Acceptance, you have to accept the fact that you are Muslim or Hindu and follow your own Holy Books.
    Different Scriptures meant for Different Audiences
    “That religion which teaches one love of God which is unmotivated and uninterrupted is the topmost religion” SRIMAD BHAGVATAM


  11. रामायण में सभी राक्षसों का वध हुआ था लेकिन💥
    सूर्पनखा का वध नहीं हुआ था
    उसकी नाक और कान काट कर छोड़ दिया गया था ।
    वह कपडे से अपने चेहरे को छुपा कर
    रहती थी ।
    रावन के मर जाने के बाद वह
    अपने पति के साथ शुक्राचार्य के पास
    गयी और जंगल में उनके आश्रम में रहने लगी ।

    राक्षसों का वंश ख़त्म न
    इसलिए, शुक्राचार्य ने शिव
    जी की आराधना की ।
    शिव जी ने
    अपना स्वरुप शिवलिंग शुक्राचार्य को दे कर
    कहा की जिस दिन कोई “वैष्णव” इस पर
    गंगा जल चढ़ा देगा उस दिन
    राक्षसों का नाश हो जायेगा ।
    उस आत्म
    लिंग को शुक्राचार्य ने वैष्णव मतलब
    हिन्दुओं से दूर रेगिस्तान में स्थापित
    किया जो आज अरब में “मक्का मदीना” में है ।
    सूर्पनखा जो उस समय चेहरा ढक कर
    रहती थी वो परंपरा को उसके बच्चो ने
    पूरा निभाया आज भी मुस्लिम औरतें
    चेहरा ढकी रहती हैं ।
    सूर्पनखा के वंसज
    आज मुसलमान कहलाते हैं ।
    क्युकी शुक्राचार्य ने इनको जीवन दान
    दिया इस लिए ये शुक्रवार को विशेष
    महत्त्व देते हैं ।
    पूरी जानकारी तथ्यों पर आधारित सच है।⛳

    जानिए इस्लाम केसे पैदा हुआ..
    👉असल में इस्लाम कोई धर्म नहीं है .एक मजहब है..
    दिनचर्या है..
    👉मजहब का मतलब अपने कबीलों के
    गिरोह को बढ़ाना..
    👉यह बात सब जानते है कि मोहम्मदी मूलरूप से
    अरब वासी है ।
    👉अरब देशो में सिर्फ रेगिस्तान पाया जाता है.
    वहां जंगल
    नहीं है, पेड़ नहीं है. इसीलिए वहां मरने के बाद जलाने
    लिए लकड़ी न होने के कारण ज़मीन में दफ़न कर
    दिया जाता था.
    👉रेगिस्तान में हरीयाली नहीं होती.. एसे में रेगिस्तान
    हरा चटक रंग देखकर इंसान चला आता जो की सूचक
    का काम करता था..
    👉अरब देशो में लोग रेगिस्तान में तेज़ धुप में सफ़र करते थे,
    इसीलिए वहां के लोग सिर को ढकने के लिए
    टोपी 💂पहनते थे.
    जिससे की लोग बीमार न पड़े.
    👉अब रेगिस्तान में खेत तो नहीं थे, न फल, तो खाने के
    लिए वहा अनाज नहीं होता था. इसीलिए वहा के
    🐑🐃🐄🐐🐖जानवरों को काट कर खाते थे. और अपनी भूख मिटाने के
    लिए इसे क़ुर्बानी का नाम दिया गया.
    👉रेगिस्तान में पानी की बहुत कमी रहती थी,💧 इसीलिए
    लिंग (मुत्रमार्ग) साफ़ करने में पानी बर्बाद न
    हो जाये
    इसीलिए लोग खतना (अगला हिस्सा काट देना ) कराते
    👉सब लोग एक ही कबिले के खानाबदोश होते थे इसलिए
    आपस में भाई बहन ही निकाह कर लेते थे|
    👉रेगिस्तान में मिट्टी मिलती नहीं थी मुर्ती बनाने
    को इसलिए मुर्ती पुजा नहीं करते थे|
    खानाबदोश थे ,
    👉 एक जगह से दुसरी जगह
    जाना पड़ता था इसलिए कम बर्तन रखते थे और एक
    थाली नें पांच लोग खाते थे|

    👉कबीले की अधिक से अधिक संख्या बढ़े इसलिए हर एक
    को चार बीवी रखने की इज़ाजत दि..
    🔥अब समझे इस्लाम कोई धर्म नहीं मात्र एक कबीला है..
    और इसके नियम असल में इनकी दिनचर्या है|
    नोट : पोस्ट पढ़के इसके बारे में सोचो.
    अगर हर हिँदू माँ-बाप अपने बच्चों को बताए कि अजमेर दरगाह वाले ख्वाजा मोईनुद्दीन चिश्ती ने किस तरह इस्लाम कबूल ना करने पर पृथ्वीराज चौहान की पत्नी संयोगिता को मुस्लिम सैनिकों के बीच बलात्कार करने के लिए निर्वस्त्र करके फेँक दिया था और फिर किस तरह पृथ्वीराज चौहान की वीर पुत्रियों ने आत्मघाती बनकर मोइनुद्दीन चिश्ती को 72 हूरों के पास भेजा थातो शायद ही कोई हिँदू उस मुल्ले की कब्र पर माथा पटकने जाए

    “अजमेर के ख्वाजा मुइनुद्दीन चिश्ती को ९० लाख हिंदुओं को इस्लाम में लाने का गौरव प्राप्त है. मोइनुद्दीन चिश्ती ने ही मोहम्मद गोरी को भारत लूटने के लिए उकसाया और आमंत्रित किया था… (सन्दर्भ – उर्दू अखबार “पाक एक्सप्रेस, न्यूयार्क १४ मई २०१२).

    अधिकांश मुर्दा हिन्दू तो शेयर भी नहीं करेंगे,,धिक्कार है ऐसे हिन्दुओ पर👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌


    • Kill all the monsters in the Ramayana was Lekin💥
      Surpnkha had not killed
      Her nose and ears had been cut up.
      He concealed his face with cloth
      No longer.
      Once he’s dead, Ravan
      With her husband near Shukracharya
      And stayed at his ashram in the forest.

      Offspring of monsters not finish
      Therefore, the Shiv Shukracharya
      G worshiped.
      By their nature give lingam Shukracharya
      The day of the “Vaishnava” on
      Ganga water will ascend that day
      Will destroy the monsters.
      That self
      Shukracharya gender means the Vaishnava
      Hindus set off in the desert
      Which is now in Arabia, “Mecca to Medina” is in.
      Surpnkha face covered at the time
      That tradition lives by his children
      Muslim women did meet
      Face are covered.
      Descendant of Surpnkha
      Muslims are called.
      They donated their life, since the Shukracharya
      To have this particular Friday
      Complete information is based on true facts Hak⛳

      Learn how to make Islam was born ..
      Islam is the religion of no religion .A 👉asl ..
      Routine ..
      👉mjhb means of their tribes
      Increasing gang ..
      Everyone knows that matter is fundamentally Mohammadi 👉yh
      The Arabs.
      👉arb countries is found only desert.
      The forest
      No, not the tree. So the liturgy Kindle
      Because the wood is buried in the ground
      Was given.
      .. I would not go so 👉registan Hriyali desert
      Seeing the bright green color of the indicator which the person comes
      Was working ..
      👉arb countries people traveling in the desert sun was pounding,
      So head to cover the people
      Hat were 💂phnte.
      So that people do not get sick.
      👉ab farm in the desert were not so, no fruit, then eat
      There was not a grain. So there’s
      🐑🐃🐄🐐🐖janvron ate cut. And their hunger
      This sacrifice was called for.
      👉registan water was always scarce, 💧 why
      Gender (Mutrmarg) clearing waste water
      Let it happen
      That’s why people circumcise (cut next part) offer
      👉sb nomadic people of the same clan were so
      Siblings were able to marry each other |
      Was not found in the soil making 👉registan Murti
      So do not worship the Murti |
      Were nomadic,
      Second place to a place 👉
      Had to go to pot, so there were fewer and
      Five people ate plate was released |

      Grew more and more so every one of 👉kbile
      The permission to keep four wives ..
      Islam is not a religion deem 🔥ab one tribe ..
      In fact, their routines and rules |
      Note: Post Pdhke think about it.
      # Islam_ki_schchai
      If every Hidu parents tell their children that the Ajmer Dargah Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Prithviraj Chauhan on how to not convert to Islam among the Muslim soldiers to rape the wife Sanyo Feँk was naked and how Prithviraj Chauhan 72 Huron brave daughters of Moinuddin Chishti referred to as suicide Thato hardly Hidu forehead that Mulle’s grave to throw

      “Muinuddin Khwaja Chishti of Ajmer 9 0 million, has the distinction of bringing Hindus to Islam. Moinuddin Chishti led by Mohammad Ghori and invited India to rob … (context – Urdu newspaper” Pak Express, New York, May 14 2012).

      Most of the dead will not share ,, Hindu Hindus on that damn


  12. Just like the film directors create their own films and enjoying watching the same way “GOD .THE ONLY ONE .”Created this world and having fun with our wars and with our ignorance of his existence.and THAT ONE GOD,does not belong to any of our religion and he is the actual god,he only created All these gods(shiva allah and jesus)and all the symbols of those gods


  13. very nice writing………it is said that muslims do opposite to hindus………same is the case with 786………..they worship our OM in opposite way………………no matters in what sense they do,…………meaning is same……………there is only one super natural power who controls and nourishes the whole world……..



  14. Ramanan is right actually, unfortunately we as Hindu and Muslims are worshiping to god shiva or u can say ullha is the same because God can only be one who created this word can’t be like 3 or 4 or many more depending or religion, religion is formed by humans , even i am Hindu and my guru ji is belongs to chisti family and I always take lots of interest listing to them when they talk about ullha or shiv ji , they always say they are same but way of praying is different depending on religion. We all are children of one god . Like Ramanan give few examples are actually right ….like numbers 786 and om symbol is one of the lucky numbers which belongs to god .


  15. Every stone is a shiv link infront of a tipal hindu,and himalya is a biggest shiv link in this world?ls there any limit of shiv link or not if nt then u sud to call the peable a small shiv link


  16. Raman50…….. can u show me a proof of the number belongs to muslims?? And u dont have to spread shit about islam…. u mind ur own religion and we got ours….


  17. u ppl talk scientific u might be nuts if a human can have a head of an elephant and that z ur ganesh god can any bidy explain that and by the way why do u ppl worship the penius of shiv god damn u ppl r totally illogical . plz open ur minds. listen to scholars of Islam . and about mans existence every other religion has the same thing written in their books apart from u .


    • what is the hell about ur muslim fast tell me one thing .how many scholars have in ur islam..they hv only terrorist not scholars

      it hv the historical proofs ..the time of kingys empire ur majestys r muhmd ghori .nadir them many more to still now democracy isi etc etc..just go and study again about ur muslim ..u all r saying the quran teach us to give respct othr rkgn .women ..etc etc but u all r why dont obey it..i think u all r get inspiration to quran walk on this way..


  18. Frankly speaking after reading this blog I came to know how Shiva Linga is associated with other religion specifically Islam. Now I really believe that there is only one God who is Lord Shiva. Thanks for writing such an informative blog. Know other aspect of Lord shiva power like Rudraksha at

    Hari OM!!


  19. ramanan… think which is merely releted with islaam is nazumi……as same as found in hinduism named jyotisha or nakshatra…..some praportion has entitled abt the same…but Muslims should have there own opinion……. whenever they learn to exercise and acceptancy about the same…….u r doing definitely a good job….jai hind


  20. none other then hinduism represent the specific scientific order of evolution of human species ….star constellation and time lapses.
    i would like to ask people that if they ( those believers of muslim and chisten ) can pl let us know about the history of world before existence. ….? and please it should be scientific.
    as in Hinduism. ..we have Ramayan…Mahabharata. …we have plenty of historic and scientific evidence. …and proved that human races were present in pre historic times.
    chistian add BCE and AD as crist symbol ….i.e life exist before AND after christ.
    muslim or islam is only few hundred year old relegion.
    so without fighting ….it shoould be acceptable that hinduism (way of life) existence was far before ur do called Divine god and prophets came into being.


  21. its me i know why Eswar and allah are both the same person. To know the exact reason contact Not only Eshwar and Allah,but also Ram and Rahim r same enlightened soul. I got the exact living proof of the fact. Yes, I m talk about recarnation god. he is know learning. He is born with his name written under left foot as birth mark. God is within him and comes out when he sees lot of injustice prevailing arround him. god within him came out and punshed the person with a mass of 700 students hitting him for his attempt to rape with new madam of collage(name of the college is secret ). there r more events that i m not allowed to speak to bye the incarnated god’s parents. who want to keep him as a secret. for better of the world.
    i m not joking. Concept that God is ONE, was understood by God Made formula with what is writen under his left foot. all incarnation of god had the same birth mark at same place under their foot. The mark is half of god’s name, for further information mail me at above mentioned email ID.


  22. May be i am little vulgar, arrogant whatever u say. The method of creation is same as a humanbeing why even animals. There are two involved in creation which can happen only through lingam and yoni and it is common amongst all irrespective of religion. Temple is a source of information for the generations to follow good things that’s it. In Hindu temples, right from vaastu to sex all are depicted indirectly for the people to understand. All mantras recited are positive vibes for all moods to get charged. Gopuram kalasas are filled and seled with rice and pulses for what? when there is a pralayam, the new generations to start with the basic by breakopen the kalasas for fresh farming. Thats why Gopuram stands tall. Like this there are many scientific facts which were not told for some reasons. Afer all when humans became from savage, until he conquered fear like lighting, thunder, snake the various elements of nature, he prayed as God. Till date even doctors who speaks science if not able to cure will live to say Pray to God or they even say it is a Miracle of God. So when the questions came to creation, Man started praying the lingam and yoni want to share the experience of his Life to the coming Generations by some formula called Religion for the well being of future generations. For easy rememberance and to last long he used the strongest available material in the earth called Stone as a Symbol. We say God is within you, ultimately we pray and tame our mind to be Good i.e, Godliness. So we pray to ourselves………………………………….


  23. I am really impressed with the information I have gathered here.. Sir the problem with upcoming generations is,they know what is happening with them now and not what happened before.. They’re curious though to know what is their past, but for some extent they don’t got proper input. As for today I really doubt people actually know what actually thier religion is?? Even though I am Hindu and yeah I don’t believe in idol worshipping but sometimes I doubt what was the first society or first rules made on earth whether it’s Hinduism or other Relevant religion.. Please can u light on some confusion.. Thanks


  24. What does Islam say about ‘god-men’?

    India is often called the land of ‘god-men’. This is due to the abundance of so-called spiritual masters in India. Many of these ‘babas’ and ‘saints’ have a large following in many countries. Islam abhors deification of any human being. To understand the Islamic stand towards such pretenders to divinity, let us analyze one such ‘god-man’, Osho Rajneesh.

    Let us put this candidate, ‘Bhagwan’ Rajneesh, to the test of Surah Ikhlas, the touchstone of theology:

    The first criterion is “Say, He is Allah, one and only”. Is Rajneesh one and only? No! Rajneesh was one among the multitude of ‘spiritual teachers’ produced by India. Some disciples of Rajneesh might still hold that Rajneesh is one and only.

    The second criterion is, ‘Allah is absolute and eternal’. We know from Rajneesh’s biography that he was suffering from diabetes, asthma, and chronic backache. He alleged that the U.S. Government gave him slow poison in prison. Imagine Almighty God being poisoned! Rajneesh was thus, neither absolute nor eternal.

    The third criterion is ‘He begets not, nor is He begotten’. We know that Rajneesh was born in Jabalpur in India and had a mother as well as a father who later became his disciples.

    In May 1981 he went to U.S.A. and established a town called ‘Rajneeshpuram’. He later fell foul of the West and was finally arrested and asked to leave the country. He came back to India and started a commune in Pune which is now known as the ‘Osho’ commune. He died in 1990. The followers of Osho Rajneesh believe that he is Almighty God. At the ‘Osho commune’ in Pune one can find the following epitaph on his tombstone:

    “Osho – never born, never died; only visited the planet Earth between 11th December 1931 to 19th January 1990.”

    They forget to mention that he was not granted visa for 21 countries of the world. Can a person ever imagine ‘God’ visiting the earth, and requiring a visa to enter a country! The Archbishop of Greece said that if Rajneesh had not been deported, they would have burnt his house and those of his disciples.

    The fourth test, which is the most stringent is, “There is none like unto Him”. The moment you can imagine or compare ‘God’ to anything, then he (the candidate to divinity) is not God. It is not possible to conjure up a mental picture of the One True God. We know that Rajneesh was a human being, having two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth and a white flowing beard. Photographs and posters of Rajneesh are available in plenty. The moment you can imagine or draw a mental picture of an entity, then that entity is not God.

    Many are tempted to make anthropomorphic comparisons of God. Take for instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous body builder and Hollywood actor, who won the title of ‘Mr. Universe’, the strongest man in the world. Let us suppose that someone says that Almighty God is a thousand times stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The moment you can compare any entity to God, whether the comparison is to Schwarzenegger or to King Kong, whether it is a thousand times or a million times stronger, it fails the Qur’anic criterion, “There is none like unto Him”.

    Thus, the ‘acid test’ cannot be passed by anyone except the One True God.

    The following verse of the Glorious Qur’an conveys a similar message:

    “No vision can grasp Him
    But His grasp is over
    All vision: He is
    Above all comprehension,
    Yet is acquainted with all things.”
    [Al-Qur’an 6:103]


    • God men have no place in Hinduism nor the concept have the sanction of the Vedas.Even persoanl God, i.e with Attributes belong to lower Knowledge(Apara Vidya).For more plese check my posts under Hinduism, Philosophy,or more specifically my post God in Hinduism Yes and No.Regds


  25. The methods of proving the existence of God with usage of the material provided in the ‘Concept of God in Islam’ to an atheist may satisfy some but not all.

    Many atheists demand a scientific proof for the existence of God. I agree that today is the age of science and technology. Let us use scientific knowledge to kill two birds with one stone, i.e. to prove the existence of God and simultaneously prove that the Qur’an is a revelation of God.

    If a new object or a machine, which no one in the world has ever seen or heard of before, is shown to an atheist or any person and then a question is asked, ” Who is the first person who will be able to provide details of the mechanism of this unknown object? After little bit of thinking, he will reply, ‘the creator of that object.’ Some may say ‘the producer’ while others may say ‘the manufacturer.’ What ever answer the person gives, keep it in your mind, the answer will always be either the creator, the producer, the manufacturer or some what of the same meaning, i.e. the person who has made it or created it. Don’t grapple with words, whatever answer he gives, the meaning will be same, therefore accept it.



    • True, One can never know God but feel.On the self styled Rationalists and Atheists, I had posted a detailed reply in various posts.I have made quite a few refernces in many posts.if you can find time you may check them out.I have not gone into the topic of Koran at all.


  26. What i say about God..we all human is confuse …don’t discuss religion if u want spread love in world…discuss only for humanity…that is our religion..because we are only human…we all are same…not HIndu,Muslim..
    Some line i present in below which i write in Hindi….

    Bolu main khuda ya bolu Isu..bolu Bhagwan ya Waheguru…Name kiyon anek jab kaam Tera ek…kiyo, dharti pe roop hain tere anek…Tujhse sawal that why u have a lot of name….mujhko batade what is your orignal name…


  27. Are gadhe gita kholke dekh woha likha hai vagaban sabki aakar banai hai lekin wo khud nirakar hai .wohi Islam kehta hai tum kya kar rahe ho ?


  28. Hi friends ..
    We all know god is one so there’s no point in saying about Hindu belief or Muslims cause Its important to praise that one almighty god forget about the ways ….all have their own ways to approach their father..
    ” utte amla te honge nibede kise na Teri jaat puchni”
    God will do his judgement on what good deeds n bad deeds u have done …he will not ask Ur religion.

    Hope my points not hurts anyone …..

    There is no religion prior to humanity.


  29. See this link to know that Allah is a Sanskrit world.

    Ramallah, Rome, Ramadan, Ramzan etc are all derived from Sanskrit – Ram – the perfect one – Remover of Darkness (Ra = Darkness ; Ma = Destroyer/Nay)

    and about AUM :

    It is about Allah’s favourite number 786 and about the Sankrit Alphabet arrangement – Not the order seen in other Semetic Languages


  30. Gentle men your thinking capacity is mind blowing. but your thought is totally wrong.kaaba is only a building.thats all. Inside kaaba nothing else.we can enter in is not a is a first mosque in world built by ibrahim.stone in the kaaba is believed by muslim that is arrived from heaven.

    muslims kissing on the stone that means not a means a registeration of particular muslim who arrived in kaaba.
    Kaaba is in black is just a color.that not mentions any sign of another religion.
    Your thoughts are fully fiction.
    So first try to understand the islam.islam is not a religion.
    It is a guide of human life.some people wrongly under estimate that religion.
    In beginning search the correct information after tha you can post your thoughts


    • Thanks.Kindly forward me the relevant portions with authentic Links to enable me to Post the information.Also please inform me about the ancestry of Ibrahim.Regds


    • Then why non Muslims are allowed to enter in to the Kaaba. There are lots of literature’s which can prove that it was Hindu temple and the ruling was a Hindu King. If you have a shape why Allah has shape. In Bhagawat Geeta Krishna says I am creator of this universe and everything emanates from me. So All others are messengers of Krishna. Just by putting cloth on eyes one does not become blind. so just saying there is not form of God is baseless


  31. Brother just go to YouTube and type similar between Hindu and Muslim by zakir naik lecture you will get all information


  32. Muslims dont workship kaba. It is only a direction of prayer.” Life of a Muslim is more precious than Kaaba” as per a Hadees. The Angels on the heavens also circumambulate Kaba everyday. You can discuss with me about any doubts you have about ISlam. I can share info that probably will be useful to you. As you study religions. and are intrested in comparitive religious study.


    • I am talking about Kaaba,’The Kaaba or Ka’aba (Arabic: الكعبة‎‎ al-Kaʿbah IPA: [ælˈkæʕbɐ], “The Cube”), is a cuboid building at the center of Islam’s most sacred mosque, Al-Masjid al-Haram, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is the most sacred site in Islam.[1] It is considered the ‘House of God’ and has a similar role as the Tabernacle and Holy of Holies in Judaism and Christianity. Wherever they are in the world, Muslims are expected to face the Kaaba—i.e. when performing salat (prayer). From any point in the world, the direction facing the Kaaba is called the qibla.

      The sanctuary around the Kaaba is called Al-Masjid al-Haram (Sacred Mosque’ )I am not talking of Idols.


    • “Kaabah dont have idols… idols was removed when kaabah was built” So you believe in this theory of idols were present in Mecca. Means idols were either removed or destroyed. OK then what were people doing in Mecca earlier? Prayer to some idols may be 360 in No’s. Some one might destroyed them to build some other structure. Why they are following some Hindu style prayer like white dress and rotate around idols. Also no Hindus are allowed, why?


  33. lolzzzzzzzz lack of Knowledge…Don’t write kuch bhi if you dnt have knowledge


  34. People can build any theory from any where… but baseless points and baseless people can only do that. We have every proof what we talk about and we have every sign that Allah has shown us, we are on the right path and disbelievers will never agrees as there hearts are sealed and they see but they cannot see the truth, they listen but they cannot listen the truth, they speak but they cannot speak the truth…


  35. But isn’t Hinduism a derivative of Buddhism and Jainism?… don’t you think Hinduism is just a black hole constantly changing and sucking in everything around and changing according to the geography and beliefs…. being purely pagan in its birth and then realizes knowledge and starts to adapt and reform around peoples beliefs?….

    I am an amateur in my history of religion but it has always intrigued me.,… Hinduism i thought purely was a way of life….not a religion, that over the millenniums changed like Chinese whisper from location to location…. so much so there’s a depiction of Jesus Christ idol in a temple in Tamil Nadu.

    I am not religious at all, because of what humans have turned GOD into…. but i am intrigued at our ways to story tell that has changed to belief over thousands of years…. Some where out there is the truth, but we can all only have an opinion of it….


  36. that is not a correct research, but just an effort to link up the things without any evidence. Hajr- e-aswad is NOT preached at all..this is a sin in Islam to preach any idol including Kaaba and Hajr -e- Aswad..this is NOT GOd for us..and we cannot preach it anywya, no bowing infront of it is alloawed. This is just a stome, nothing else, people wants to see this as it is affliated to the old good times when it was suspended in the air , with the passage of time when the lies were increased it has turned black from white. There is no symbolization for it to be associated as Shiva lingam and to be preached. I respect all the religions and also agree that there as similar grounds in Vedhas, slok of Upnishads and Quranic teachings…but this particular example here has no base.


  37. Good work sir… Nyc post and keep it up…. I also loves to research abt all this but i get confused everytime…. .. Ty..


  38. Even the Koran is a literal translation of the Chandipat or Devimahatmiam as it is called in Tamil. Only the attribution here is Maa Kali, Maa Durga, Ma Saraswathi while Islam it Allah the Prophet


      • I posted this for someone like you to dispel the attempt to legitimise Koran and its ways, including Jihad, thighing, the practice of raping minor girls.Please read my Poat on Thighing.Regds


    • Mr ramanujan narayan your english knowledge and thinking capacity is superb.
      But it is not true.please truely understand quran verses.
      After that you may post your comment.
      Because quran says about only one god from beginning to end.
      So before posting your comment redearch about quran and understand the base points of holy quran.


  39. I find it funny when someone calls Zakir Naik as “Scientific”. His justification for men marrying 4 wives is “There are more women in the world than men”. I am yet to find such a report. Also, if that logic were to be used, then women in Saudi Arabia should be allowed to marry 2 men, because that’s the sex ratio there.





  41. Historical Evidence & Truths : I’M MORE SPIRITUAL BY NATURE THAN RELIGIOUS.
    Yes, as per my own research it is very true that Hinduism and Hindu Temples (God Krishna Temple at The Jewish Synagogue @ Jerusalem) and God Shiva’s temple at Mecca existed in the past prior to Modern Faiths of Monotheism (Jewish, Christianity of Trinity, Islam) originated. Most of the religious doctrines originated from Hinduism, with the concept of GOD == GOODNESS.

    Why Humans irrespective of there individual faiths, religions and traditions are not able to do GOOD and Common GOODNESS at a time when we all need to ‘stand up’ do something about it. As Human Species and all other 15+ Million Species Lives are at risk due to the potential Nuclear World, Nuclear Age and Nuclear Wars. If with Nuclear Annihilation and radiation, not just we cannot pro-create Humans on the Mother Earth but all live will extinct similar to what happened to MARS Civilization billion years ago.

    Mother Earth is the only planet which has life for the living beings on the Planet Earth (Middle East : ISLAM Civilization : Good Muslims around the globe), should and must stand up do something ‘good’ about it by putting our personal and individual differences, conflicts ……………….N aside, before we will be a history of species like others extinct on the Planet Mother Earth, irrespective whether I will ‘reincarnate’ or not on this Planetary Mother Earth System.

    GOD ALLAH is Most Merciful, Most Benevolent and Giver God, then his followers of it, must do with deeds the same in return for the ‘Global Peace & Communal Harmony’, at a times, when it needs really needed most during very difficult times of human lives.


  42. In my quest, I too have visited many websites and heard many people speak, Dr. Zakir Naik’s videos were one of them. Initially, I too was impressed with his debating skills and the gift he has of this amazing memory power. I do commend him for being able to quote from the Upanishads, Bible and the Quran, all at the same time. Yes, he does take a scientific approach towards the teachings of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).

    However, when we go through our texts (I mean the Vedas, Puranas, etc) ourselves, with a neutral point of view, we too will find some amazing science that went into basic activities. However, since Santhana Dharma can be learnt in various ways, one does not find answers in a specific book. Bhagavad Gita too mentions some complex scenarios that can be interpreted in multiple ways. Different organization will interpret it in a certain way. And yes, I must agree, I do relate to Srila Prabhupada’s commentary on the Bhagavad Gita 🙂

    Even today, my attempt is to contemplate what is dharma and reading posts from people like you is part of the same attempt! Keep posting.

    Glory to Sriman Narayana!


  43. Dear Sir,

    This is a controversial topic to write on. I appreciate you for the courage you have shown. Many state that Mecca actually hosts a black stone, very similar to a Shiva linga. I have also heard that since round has a center, they placed a black stone to denote that center and every Muslim must perform his namaz facing that center of the world, irrespective of where they live. So, Shiva Linga placement could be partly true as well.

    There are propositions that state that King Vikramaditya was a friendly ruler & that he accepted the Muslims in spite of the ethnic differences. King Vikramaditya would also organize a group activity to bring together poets from both worlds… There definitely is one similarity between Sanathana Dharma & Islam. Both believers propagate monotheism! Here are references from our texts that state that we believe in one god as opposed to the misconceptions created today. Idol worship was never a part of Sanathana Dharma!

    Like Islam, Sanathana Dharma too propagates monotheism. Here are some references :
    “Na tasya pratima asti”
    Meaning: There is nothing like him [Svetasvatara Upanishad]

    “Ekam evadvitiyam”
    Meaning: He is only one without a second! [Chandogya Upanishad]

    sarva-dharman parityajya
    mam ekam saranam vraja
    aham tvam sarva-papebhyo
    moksayisyami ma sucah

    Meaning: Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear [Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 18, Verse 66]

    Now, coming to temples. A friend was kind enough to make me understand the importance of a temple. Temples were nothing but a triangular structure. It is proved by a scientific experiment that food items kept under triangular structures stay fresh for a longer period. Human beings are also elements that perish with time and so we communicate with the energies present in the universe to benefit from them and so triangles and mantra chanting in groups became popular.

    Kaaba could also be one such junction where people would communicate with the nature and benefit from the energies present. Other than triangles, domes are said to provide the same benefit…

    Great were our saints and kings. We have failed to acknowledge them. Long live Bharatvarsha!


    • Than you for reading for a Post which is considered boring!
      Couple of Points,
      1.There is an attempt to justify that Islam and Sanatana Dharma say the same thing and there is a Muslim chap who is famous(?) for attempting such things.
      I recall having rebutted his arguments in one of my post.
      “I was asked by my friend to check on the YouTube Videos by Dr.Zakir Naik, who seemed to preach Islam ina scientific way(?) and quotes on The Bhagavad Gita and other Hindu Scriptures.

      I checked ”
      This is a not too subtle attempt to legitimise Islam in India.
      Please read some of my posts under History on this.
      Coming to Sarva Dharman Paruthyasja
      I have posted on this aspect as The Death Chant of Hinduism where I have dealt this topic in detail.
      Dharmma does not men Religion.
      In fact it difficult to translate into English.
      Loosely it may be called as indicative of righteousness applicable at all circumstances, even here it falls short of its full import.
      Probably the translation you have quoted is the one from hare Krishna Group, where they interpret the Gita the way they want to, though laudable as a Hindu, but correct technically
      I am surprised and happy at the depth you people have in our scriptures.
      May your tribe increase.
      This is a major objective of my writing on Hinduism make people look into Hinduism, instead of hearing stories.
      May Goddess Abirami Bless you


  44. In August 1969 issue of Hindi monthly Kadambini I read an article wherein it was mentioned that the archaeologists found a city buried in Egypt which was the capital of Asura King Banasur.Thus it is clear that the area was inhabited by Asuras.Their Guru was Shukracharya.It is perhaps due to this reason that the Muslims treat Shukravar i.e. Friday their most sacred day of the week and since Brihaspati was brother of Shukracharya they regard Brihaspativar also a Holyday.All these things need free and scientific probes and debates.


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