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  • Vedic Practices in Islam Podcast

    Vedic Practices in Islam Podcast

    Kaaba doors open at Pradosha Time, between 4. 30 and 5. 30 PM. 1.The perambulation in the anti clock wise direction around the Kaaba is the Hindu practice of perambulating Shiva in the anti clockwise direction direction during pradosha, the sacred day to worship Shiva. 2.Shiva Linga,after Abhisheka(bathing the Deity, is dried by slightly applying…

  • Brahmin King Of Arabia Descendants of Aswathama

    An ancestor of Rahab named Sidh Viyog Datt assumed the title of Sultan and made Arabia (old Iraq) his home. He was a tough and tenacious fighter. He was also known as Mir Sidhani. He was a worshipper of Brahma. He was the son of the stalwart Sidh Jhoja (Vaj) who was a savant and…

  • Vedic Practices In Kaaba Islam

    Anga suddhi. Purification of the parts of the Body. Muslims are enjoined cleanliness of five parts of the body before commencing prayers. This derives from the Vedic injuction ‘Shareer Shydhyartham Panchanga Nyasah’ 7.Etymological similarities. Kaaba temple from Kabaaleeswara( Shiva)

  • Shiva Linga In Mecca, OM Is 786?

    Shiva Linga In Mecca, OM Is 786?

    Mecca city of Saudi Arabia) the ancient Hindu Shiva Linga may still be seen. This cylindrical stone, rendered immovable for security by being fixed in the outer corner of a wall, is the object of reverence of all Muslims. Here Muslims still continue the seven perambulations in the age old Hindu style except that they…