Kaaba Mecca Is Kabaaleswaran Shiva Rare Image Video

An old image of Kaaba, that had pillars whose designs remind you of Hindu temple pillars

History  would have us believe that the Islamic Middle East has no history at all before the advent of the Prophet.

However the rich culture and other practices of the so-called Nomads, (this is how the Arabians pre dating The Prophet were described), belie these assumptions.

Their concept of Family, Extended Families, Clan kinship, hospitality and valour do not bespeak of Nomadic culture.

I had written articles on the pre-Islamic Heritage of the present Islamic Middle east, how Vikramaditya’s Kingdom extended to Arabia, His inscriptions are found in Kaaba, Arabia was called Aravasthan,meaning land of Horses, which find reference in Tamil literature as well, the practice of awarding poets being a Tamil Kings practice is found in Ancient Arabia,Ganesha Idol was found in Kuwait,Mecca is a Shiva Temple, 786, considered holy by the Muslims is Flipped OM,Mohammad’s Uncle composed a Hymn in Praise of Lord Shiva,Sapthapathi was practiced in pre-Islamic Arabia and Navagrahas were worshiped.

I have found reference to Kaaba in Mecca being called Kaabaaleswaran,a name of Lord Shiva.

One can find Kabaleswaran Temple in Chennai Tamil Nadu and it is quite popular.

Linga being worshiped in Kaaba.

The source is a Muslim gentleman.

He had also posted the image of Kaaba of the 50’s.

One can see the Shiva Linga with Avudaiyar clearly.

“The word Kabaa may originate from Tamil and the word Kabaalishwaran. Tamil is considered one of the oldest languages of the world.Dravidian’s worshiped Lord Shiva as their Primal Deity – from the Indus valley civilization. Shiva Temple’s in South India are called as Kabaalishwaran temple’s. Kabaali, therefore – refer to Lord Shiva.

There are many other words in Islam that appear to be connected to Hinduism. For example, in Sanskrit Allah, Akka and Amba are synonyms. They signify a goddess or mother. The Islamic practice of Bakari Eed (Eid) derives from the Go-(M)edh and Ashva-(M)edh Yagnas or sacrifices of Vedic times. Eed in Sanskrit means worship. The Islamic word Eed for festive days, signifying days of worship, is therefore a pure Sanskrit word.  [Note: The word Bakari is an Indian language word for a goat. Muslims sacrifice goats during Eid]

Since Eed means worship and Griha means ‘house’, the Islamic word Idgah signifies a ‘House of worship’ which is the exact Sanskrit connotation of the term. Similarly the word ‘Namaz’ derives from two Sanskrit roots ‘Nama’ and ‘Yajna’ (NAMa yAJna) meaning bowing and worshipping.
Recital of the Namaz (Nama-smaranam in Hindi) five times a day owes its origin to the Vedic injunction of Panchmahayagna (five daily worship- Panch-Maha-Yagna) which is part of the daily Vedic ritual prescribed for all individuals.

Four months of the year are regarded as very sacred in Islamic custom. The devout are enjoined to abstain from plunder and other evil deeds during that period. This originates in the Chaturmasa i.e., the four-month period of special vows and austerities in Hindu tradition. Shabibarat is the corrupt form of Shiva Vrat and Shiva Ratra.

The Islamic term ‘Eed-ul-Fitr’ derives from the ‘Eed of Piters’ that is worship of forefathers in Sanskrit tradition. In India, Hindus commemorate their ancestors during the Pitr-Paksha that is the fortnight reserved for their remembrance. The very same is the significance of ‘Eed-ul-Fitr’ (worship of forefathers).

In ancient Hinduism the ‘demons’ always return to the world to create havoc, misery and suffering and destroy the good that the sacred people have created. Is Islam this demon of our age, distorting itself as a (false) religion, and create its endless problems for other people in the world?

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20 responses to “Kaaba Mecca Is Kabaaleswaran Shiva Rare Image Video”

  1. Yes,You are correct sir, Before the birth of the Jesus Christ,- the century when that religion was formed as Christianity, every one who believed and had faith in the Supreme power would have followed the HINDUISM[Sanathana Dharmam,only there can not be anything else.except Hinduism.Though many may not agree today, due to so many reasons and compulsions for them,,it is the fact and the Truth. It is only Ignorance if one if he or she does not agree to this.


  2. According to Islamic principle, the first human being was Adam,and he was created from the mud/soil. He was a Muslim and the first prophet also.Thereafter from his left rib,a woman Hawwa was created. Afterwards they got married and to whom many twins were born. The girl of one twin was got married to the boy of another twin and vice versa. They got the children and human race grown. Thus Islam was the first religion(Sanaathana dharma) on this earth and it’s followers were/are Muslims. They all followed worship of one God. They and their kith and kin lived many thousand years. But their descentends started worshipping many Gods and also stone images created by them and the nature created by God. This led to multiplicity of religion other than Islam. Hence more than 1,24,000 prophets were sent to different ethnic groups and different areas of the world, who include Adam,Nooh, Daawood, Sulaiman,Moosa, Ibrahim, Ismail,Isaa, Muhammad etc.,and to whom many religious scriptures were also revealed. Thus it is the continuation of one religion Islam which thereafter divided into many beliefs/religions. All prophets were Muslims including Isaa.The original religious scriptures sent to all of them had Islamic principle. But their remote followers changed those principles and included their own theory. Thus different religions came into existence.Ultimately
    final Prophet Muhammad was sent to whole human kind and to the whole world. Thus Islam was followed by first man/prophet Adam and purified through last prophet Muhammad. Thus all human beings are brothers and cousins. Further different religions came into existence as aforesaid. Kaa’ba was the first religious centre established on this earth and Prophet Ibrahim lived in Mecca 4000 years ago,who alog with his son Ismail renovated the same and re-established MONOTHEISM. His relatives who opposed the same might have came to India and settled here.


    • yes i agree with you that all religion believed in the same one god,
      but how can abraham , moses and jesus is a muslim when mohamad was not born yet during their time,
      hinduisism, christianity, islam, etc is just a religion, whoever believed in a religion just follow whatever religion you think you want to except and respect the others too, then there will be peace in this world and that is what god wanted all of us to be.
      remember all religion teaches us to be good, humble and loyal to god and not to a particular religion. religion is not god nor it is god religion.


    • If you are saying “Thus all human beings are brothers and cousins.”… they why there is such a big count of Islamic Terror and Killing happening in the world across… didn’t Muhammad told all muslims to live peacefully in this beautiful world? There was no Religion in the initial stage of Man’s incarnation in this world.. how can it be possible… religion is not a day job… its a systematic culture base which were made on the basis of ethics and code of conduct decided by knowledgeable scholars of that time. But not that early as you are telling… Does a child takes birth and start studying religion? or it will start by opening his eyes, do movements of body, start expressing slowly slowly and carry on ahead? pls. write sense dude…


  3. There is only one Tat-vam / Truth… and multiple names or forms or means to That. The duality of the creation is complimentary. Duality being – Masculine n Feminine. Masculine is MaheshwaRA; Feminine is MAheshwari. Together there is only one creation which is \!/MaheshwaRA\!/MAheshwari\!/. Allah / Amba is Feminine. Hence, the worshipers of Allah/Amma do it anti-clockwise; whereas others are the worshipers of Shiva/Appa do it clockwise. Women’s modesty is protected in those cultures, where Maheshwari is the ruling deity. MaheshwaRA and MAheshwari form the Adam and Eve of different religions. The SarvAntharyami is The Adi Narayana… That which is beyond.


  4. That 1950 pic is the stone representing the ‘satan’ the evil. Muslims reject him by stoning it during haj time. Search stoning of the devil in wiki for more info. Everything mentioned in this article is false. Islam is monotheistic. Idol worshipping is a major sin.


  5. rofl !!!!! sorry but the point is
    there is no record of idol worshippers every worshiping an idol named shiva.There is no archeological evidence
    i think u made a lot of work and came up with that video but u know it is already made up by PN OAK(so all ur hard work drowned in wine) sorry!!! he is a journalist not a historian he refers to a turkish book which doesnt exist and no one has ever heard of before him
    Serious academics have laughed at PN Oaks stories
    For more details, you can see this link:


    Because there is no proof of ancient Arabic poetry compiled from an earlier work in A.D. 1742 under the orders of the Turkish ruler Sultan Salim. It never happened!

    P N Oak alleges that his fictional book Sayar-ul-Okul is divided into three parts.

    The first part contains biographic details and the poetic compositions of pre-Islamic Arabian poets.

    The second part embodies accounts and verses of poets of the period beginning just after prophet Mohammad’s times, up to the end of the Banee-Um-Mayya dynasty.

    The third part deals with later poets up to the end of Khalif Harun-al-Rashid’s times.
    Sarang: Though we don’t have the fictional book “Sayar-ul-Okul” present with us till date (Because it never existed). Yet we have numerous historical books written by professional western historians that deal will all the THREE parts mentioned by Mr P N Oak.
    Arabian Poetry by W.A. Clouston [1881]

    This should be enough to refute the baseless allegations of Mr P N Oak!

    Oak further states that “Abu Amir Asamai, an Arabian bard who was the poet Laureate of Harun-al-Rashid’s court, has compiled and edited the anthology”.
    There was no poet by the name of “Abu Amir Asamai” to ever have existed in Harun-al-Rashid’s court. Infact there was no person by the name “Abu Amir Asamai” to have existed in any span of time in the history of the world! Instead Abu-Nuwas al-Hasan ben Hani Al-Hakami (756–814),a known as Abu-Nuwas (Abu Novas), was one of the greatest of classical Arabic poets in Harun-al-Rashid’s court. And he never compiled or edited the anthology named “Sayar-ul-Okul”.


    No first or last edition of ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ was ever printed and published in leave alone Berlin in 1864 but in any part of the world. A subsequent edition is the one being published in Beirut in 1932 is another LIE. How can anyone publish a book that does not exist ? Use some common sense folks!

    For mode details

    now if u really want to know about khaba
    then check this link
    its just one of few parts


    so brother before u talk about other religion u should know about ur religion obviously ur hindu i guess

    DR. CHATTERJEE MA., Ph.D. (U.S.A.)
    its a small pdf u can easily google it and download it

    “if you didn’t study ISLAM, please don’t say anything about ISLAM. – Dr Zakir Naik


  6. I am interested in reading such articles and found similarity that it was a Shiva temple. My parents used to tell that mankeshwor Nath cries since 1400 yrs asking gangajal to drop on him and there will be end of Islam
    Whatever it’s true that it was a shiva temple


  7. reply to B.A.MOHAMMAD HANIF says: According to Islamic principle, the first human being was Adam,and he was created from the mud/soil. …bla bla” Are you living in the Boonie ? you joker ? How come people in middle east are praying on kabaala stone..while people in India have built hundreds of temples that have the “kabaala” stone or Lingam. Did you get brainwashed about inbreeding ? or are your so stupid because of such…


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