Three Gentlemen Or Three Idiots Of Dadri ?

And if you are a tinsel God, your word is the Bible, even if you have not touched the shadows of an educational institution. You can air your views that were a part of bed room talk between a husband and wife. I have ceased writing on these issues for quite some time as they are trivial , it seemed to me. But the recent non sensical discussion on Intolerance in India make me write for leaving these gentlemen's statements uncontested makes them bolder and as Goebbels dictum goes, the more audacious the lie, more likely that it will be believed. I read article in the Tamizhaka Arasiyal , a Tamil Political bi monthly from Chennai which answers most of the issues raised by Amir Khan on intolerance in India.

Sleeping Saptha Rishis In Tombs Quran?

, I had through a series of articles conveyed that Arabia was a part of Hindu Empire,Mecca was a Shiva Temple, Prophet Muhammad's Uncle composed a Hymn on Lord Shiva, 786 is te Flipped OM,Sapthapathi custom of Vedic marriage was prevalent there and the Kings of Arabia were in the habit of awarding bards like the Tamil Kings..... Now some ting more. Hinduism talks of Seven Sages who do not die at the time of deluge. They are the ones who codify which Dharma is to be followed. They are Atri ,Bhrigu, Kuthsa, Vasishta, Gautama, Kasyapa and Angirasa. There are variations to these names.

An old image of Kaaba, that had pillars whose designs remind you of Hindu temple pillars

Kaaba Mecca Is Kabaaleswaran Shiva Rare Image Video

Linga being worshiped in Kaaba. The source is a Muslim gentleman. He had also posted the image of Kaaba of the 50's. One can see the Shiva Linga with Avudaiyar clearly. "The word Kabaa may originate from Tamil and the word Kabaalishwaran. Tamil is considered one of the oldest languages of the world.Dravidian’s worshiped Lord Shiva as their Primal Deity – from the Indus valley civilization. Shiva Temple’s in South India are called as Kabaalishwaran temple’s. Kabaali, therefore – refer to Lord Shiva

Reply To Abusive Comments on Castes in Islam Post

The fact is that despite saying Islam is One Religion, One Ummah, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims are treated as inferior in Islamic countries,Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Where is the concept of One Religion based on Equality? Yes , I am providing information from other sources as I am not the original author in some areas and in such cases I provide information from other sources and give credit to these authors as Sources or Citations. And I provide my views on the subject This is a normal practice in a researched article.

Vedic Roots Of Arabia Arabic Proof 1850 BC!

This poem was written by Labi-Bin-E- Akhtab-Bin-E-Turfa who lived in Arabia around 1850 B.C. That was 2300 years before Mohammed!!! This verse can be found in Sair- Ul-Okul which is an anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. It was compiled in 1742 AD under order of the Turkish Sultan Salim. .....Vishnu's Footprints in Mecca and more to follow.