Blackhole Singularity Describes Brahman Of Hinduism

Hinduism speaks of The Brahman, as different from Brahma the Creator,as the Ultimate Reality.

It is described as Being, Consciousness and Bliss, Sat, Chit and Ananda.

Blackhole Singularity.Image
A gravitational singularity is hidden within a black hole (Source: Northern Arizona University:

Black hole Singularity.

Listen to this article below.

It is beyond Space and Time,

Is a Principle,

It devolves into Multi Universes,

It is beyond Events and is Uncaused,

It is among the Events and ye beyond them,

It can not be seen or perceived by the senses or the Mind,

It is Hidden from Space and Time,

It is, however seen and perceived as objects of te senses and the perceiver while in its form as the Universe,

These events are Illusory and at the same time are Real,the latter when it is a part of the Reality as Brahman and in the case of the former it is seen as different from the Reality,

That is the world of Names and Forms are illusory at the Realized  Plane, that is from the view-point of Brahman , yet they are Real in the world when they ae in the Time Space bound world of ours.

The Brahman is One, Not Two(Advaita) a Singularity which one can not comprehend.

Time is Non Linear.

It is Cyclic.

It recoils on itself.

There is no beginning or end for Time.

Space is another entity which can be transcended by Time and vice versa.

One can engage in interstellar Travel and on return to earth would find the Earth years different.

When Rama’s ancestor Mandhata went to meet Brahma for 20 minutes(One Nazhigai) and returned he found the Time on Eart as changed.(Visnu Purana)

Time can be stilled.( Pleased read my post)

Space and Time are the impediments to Realization of Brahman.

Non Sense?

Now let us see what Modern Physics says of this concept.

Time runs backwards,

It recoils.

Ina Blackole, all events appaer to be at a Standstill, toug it is not.

There is a Singularity ina Blackhole which one can not perceive.

In the centre of a black hole is a gravitational singularity, a one-dimensional point which contains infinite mass in an infinitely small space, where gravity become infinite and space-time curves infinitely, and where the laws of physics as we know them cease to operate. As the eminent American physicist Kip Thorne describes it, it is “the point where all laws of physics break down”.

Current theory suggests that, as an object falls into a black hole and approaches the singularity at the centre, it will become stretched out or “spaghettified” due to the increasing differential in gravitational attraction on different parts of it, before presumably losing dimensionality completely and disappearing irrevocably into thesingularity. An observer watching from a safe distance outside, though, would have a different view of the event. According torelativity theory, they would see the object moving slower and slower as it approaches the black holeuntil it comes to a complete halt at the event horizon, never actually falling into the black hole.

The existence of a singularity is often taken as proof that the theory of general relativity has broken down, which is perhaps not unexpected as it occurs in conditions where quantum effects should become important. It is conceivable that some future combined theory of quantum gravity (such as current research into superstrings) may be able to describe black holeswithout the need for singularities, but such a theory is still many years away.

According to the “cosmic censorship” hypothesis, a black hole‘s singularity remains hidden behind its event horizon, in that it is always surrounded by an area which does not allowlight to escape, and therefore cannot be directly observed. The only exception the hypothesis allows (known as a “naked”singularity) is the initial Big Bang itself.

It seems likely, then, that, by its very nature, we will never be able to fully describe or even understand the singularity at the centre of a black hole. Although an observer can send signals into a black hole, nothing inside the black hole can ever communicate with anything outside it, so its secrets would seem to be safe forever’


8 responses to “Blackhole Singularity Describes Brahman Of Hinduism”

  1. Great thoughts.The idea seems hard to comprehend but it appears true. I have been thinking that there was no separation between science and spirituality( call it religion) in the beginning. Man’s did not block his free thought of exploration of the mortal world. It was guided by his reasoning. But when it became to the unseen ( for the 5 senses) world of spirituality his freedom to think was curtailed by uncertainty and fear. That led to creation of religions. Blind faith gave way to reasoning. Of late, in the past century the gap is narrowing. Religion and science will probably start working together and search for ultimate truth. Big Bang theory is almost an accepted one for most major religions. There is a story in Bible that delayed sun set at the command of God. Parallels , though crude, thoughts to match advanced theoretical Physics statements can be found in Hindu scriptures. It appears that Yogis and the like who successfully climb the ladder of five senses and reach the “sixth” ( call it pure thoughts”) can go beyond time and space. At the pure potential form energy has no “time” or “space”. An analogy is the electrical potential in a “current-less” stage when no one draws power. The moment electricity is drawn and an electron flow is created there is measurable current in amperes


  2. Brahman is indescribable. The Srutis say, “Yato Vacho nivartante Apraapya manasaa saha”. (From where words come back, along with the mind, without reaching it). – Taittiriya Upanishad. The closest one could refer to Brahman is, “Not This, Not This….”. Hence I disagree that Brahman could be in explained in any way. However there are a lot of interesting subtruths in the article, highly informative.


    • I have pointed out this by stating that the events in Singularity is not observable .And it is beyond Space anf Time and as such can not be understood with our space and mind conditioned Mind.The state of Brahman Realisatton is cessation of the modeification of Chitti, -Patanjali Yoga Sutra No 1-I have simplified it to enable the reader to understand.Yes Brahman is Avaktavyam, Beyound description,The article is about the similarity of thought about the non observabla universe.Thanks for your comment and Regards.


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