Kaaba Ground Floor Plan Vedic Evidence Of Vishnu Temple Complex

Though the present evidence suggests that the Black Stone worshipped in Kaaba is a Shiva Kings,new evidence suggests that there could have been a huge Temple Complex,where now stands a truncated Kaaba. This temple housed many Deities. Lord Vishnu seems to have been another Primary Deity along with Shiva. The ground floorplan of Mecca is after the Vedic Principle of Temple Construction.

Ghazni Muhammad Destroyed Somnath For Manat Arabia,A Hindu Goddess?

According to him as well as a later Ghaznavid historian Gardizi, the images of the other goddesses were destroyed in Arabia but the one of Manat was secretly sent away to Kathiawar (in modern Gujarat) for safe keeping. Since the idol of Manat was an aniconic image of black stone, it could have been easily confused with a Shiva lingam at Somnath. Mahmud is said to have broken the idol and taken away parts of it as loot and placed so that people would walk on it.

Rama Tribe Ganges Dug by Prophet’s Grandfather In Mecca

rophet's Grandfather dug the Zamzam spring which is a word from Ganges, Ganga . associated with Lord Shiva, Prophet's Father and his ancestors were the custodians of the Shiva Temple, the affinity of Arabic with Sanskrit, and the worship of Moon and the Rama and Soma Tribes were in Arabia! '

Brahmin King Of Arabia Descendants of Aswathama

An ancestor of Rahab named Sidh Viyog Datt assumed the title of Sultan and made Arabia (old Iraq) his home. He was a tough and tenacious fighter. He was also known as Mir Sidhani. He was a worshipper of Brahma. He was the son of the stalwart Sidh Jhoja (Vaj) who was a savant and saint and lived in Arabia (Iraq) around 600 AD.....“At the time to the Karbala, fourteen hundred Hussaini Brahmins lived in Baghdad alone”

Shiva Linga In Kaaba Opens At Pradosha Video Pakistani Web Site

The Prophet, after signing a treaty with tribes the Medina Treaty, stormed Mecca and destroyed 360 Idols housed there. There is Kaaba Stone which is believed to have been of Abrahamic times. People are not permitted to take videos or photographs of the inside of the room. The room seems to contain an Idol, the worship of which is prohibited in Islam.