Kaaba Ground Floor Plan Vedic Evidence Of Vishnu Temple Complex

I have been researching Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism and its presence throughout the world.

Over the last nine years, I have been able to find the presence of Sanatana Dharma in all world cultures and Religions.

The basis for the findings are,

Archeological remains,

Etymology of the local ancient language/dialect of the region,

References in Regional literature of the Area,Legends,

Sociological practices,

Tribal links to Vedic tribes,

References in foreign literature,

References in Indian Literature ,Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata in Sanskrit and references in Tamil,an ancient language of India,


The methodology used are,


Carbon dating,

Infrared studies,

Plate tectonics,

Geological characters,

Thermal imaging,

Ocean floor mapping,

Sea level changes.

Information is available in the web on all these and they are cross checked for veracity.

Then I publish.

But as the subject is vast and the time frame runs into thousands of years, I could scratch only the surface of Indian history.

So, as and when I come across information of interest I verify facts and write.

As this is an evolving process,many times information relating to a specific subject or temple or area,may be written at different times, about different aspects.

So ,in this sense,the findings in this blog are not complete but are subject to updation,when new information comes through.

Thus I have written on Arabia.

About its,

Hoary past,

It’s ancient tribes,

How it was related to Sanatana Dharma,

How Tamil culture influenced them and how they influenced Tamils,

How Indian God’s and Goddesses formed a part of Pre Islamic Arabia,

How Sapthapathi was practiced there(Sapthapathi is a Hindu Marriage ritual),

How Prophet’s Grandfather dug a well for Ganges,

How Prophet’s uncle wrote a Poem on Shiva,Shiva Sruthi,

How Mecca is a Hindu shrine,

Shiva is worshipped in Kaaba,

786 is Flipped OM,the most sacred Mantra of Hinduism….

Now more evidence has come to light about the construction of Kaaba in Mecca.

Prophet ordered the demolition of 360 Idols in Mecca.

Most of them were Idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Fearing one Idol might have been spirited away to Somnath,Ghazni Muhammad Destroyed the Somnath Temple in India.

I will be writing details of Idols destroyed in Kaaba.

Though the present evidence suggests that the Black Stone worshipped in Kaaba is a Shiva Kings,new evidence suggests that there could have been a huge Temple Complex,where now stands a truncated Kaaba.

This temple housed 360 Deities.

Lord Vishnu seems to have been another Primary Deity along with Shiva.

The ground floorplan of Mecca is after the Vedic Principle of Temple Construction.

It has eight points, representing the Devathas, Ashtadikpalakas.

More on this .

Above is the ground-plan of the hoary Kaba (Vishnu) temple constructed on the esoteric, Tantric, octagonal Vedic pattern in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The eight corners occupied the images of the sentinel Vedic deities Indra, Varun, Yama, Agni, Vayu, Juber, Ishan and Nirut.

The central square represents the present truncated Kaba, the central sanctum housing the image of the Reclining Vishnu “in labour”. Therefore this shrine is remembered even in convert, Islamic tradition as the Navel of the World.

Its other name “Haram” is the Sanskrit term “Hariyam”, i.e. the shrine of Lord Vishnu alias Hari.

Note the rectangular dent near the upper left corner of the central square. That marks the spot where the cylindrical Shivling stone is vertically partially embedded on the exterior of the southeast corner of the Kaba wall. Therefore perambulation of the Shivling involves circling the entire Kaba building. Even after conversion, Muslims feel compelled to observe the seven-fold ancient Vedic perambulation. The Kaba sanctum itself is always kept secretively shut to hide its Vedic interior.

The seven-stories-high Kaba building is covered perpetually by a ghilaf, i.e. a black burqa, hiding its Vedic saffron-colour stone surface, lotus designs and what are believed to be Sanskrit inscriptions on the inner side of the sanctum walls. International pressure on the Saudi government should continue to be exerted by all countries until the Kaba is thrown open to all people as in pre-Muslim times.

Reference and citation.


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