Description of Idol Worshipped in Kaaba Travels In Arabia 1829 Latest Video

Islamic texts are cagey about the description of the Idol worshipped in in Kaaba.

There were 360 Idols before The Prophet in Mecca.

They were worshipped by the Arabs.

These were destroyed on the orders of the Prophet.

I have written on Pre Islamic Arabia.

The Worship of Many God’s, Polytheism was practiced.

The Religious concepts were from Sumeria,Sassanian empire,Iran and from Greece.

All these were derived from Santana Dharma.

I have written on the influence of Santana Dharma on all these civilisations from whom the Pre Islamic Deities were derived.

Please check under Hinduism category in this site in the drop down Menu.

Or Google the search term,for example Sumeria Hinduism +ramanan 50.

I reproduce the description of The Idol at Kaaba from a Travelogue of 1829.

‘It is an irregular oval, about seven inches in diameter, with an undulated surface composed of about a dozen smaller stones of different sizes and shapes, well joined together with a small quantity of cement and perfectly well smooth; it looks as if the whole had been broken into as many pieces by a violent blow and then united again.”

Below is the Video of the Idol worshipped in Kaaba.


described in Western literature in the 19th century, Swiss traveler Johann Ludwig Burckhardt visited Mecca in 1814 and provided a detailed description of the Black Stone in his 1829 book Travels in Arabia:

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