Vedic Practices in Islam Podcast

Above is the Video showing Shiva Linga in Mecca.

This was taken surreptitiously.

I received it.

I have written on the presence of Sanatana Dharma in pre Arabic period in the Middle East, how Saptha pathi, the Marriage vow was present there, Lord Murugan'(Subrahmanya, Karthikeya ) Tribe, the Peacock tribe is among the Yazidi and OM when flipped is 786 and more.

It is a known fact that Muslims plundered the kingdoms they have conquered and carted away valuables, including Idols , calling the Idol worshipers as ‘kafirs’

I am reproducing some photographic evidence.

The joke is that both Islam and Christianity which mock at Hinduism for worshiping Gods as Idols in the form of Man and animal (Hanuman,Varaha, Narasimha) have now ended up prayinga Stone(kaaba) and Symbol for addition, The Cross!

Now there is evidence that the Muslims carted a Shiva linga and had it installed it in Mecca and it is worshiped.

Shiv Linga in Mecca.

Muslims Worship Shiv Lingam At Mecca Masjid Al Haraam Says Islamic Site,

Prophets Uncle wrote Siva Sthuthi, A Prayer On Lord Shiva,

Sapthapathi of the Marriage ceremony of the Hindus and Navagrahas in Arabia, Listen to the Podcast.

3 responses to “Vedic Practices in Islam Podcast”

  1. With due respect , I would like to point out that the
    ” Soma sukta pradashinam ” done during pradosha puja is not done only anti clockwise ; maybe the muslims have taken half of everything !

    Regards – kamakshi narayanan


    • You are correct. I thought of correcting it with detailed explanation of Somasuktha Pradakshina.Will write a Post on Thi Please point out inaccuracies in my blogs.Thank you.Regards


  2. Veda is universal. Russian word Амбар means Granary. But I know also another meaning. Amba Devi or Anna Devi is Devi of grains! Amba-ra or amba-r means Gifted by Amba. Thanks to sanskrita very few russians could know meaning of their words. Our words seems divine too! Pindar or Umar seems Vedic too.


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