Mahalaya Amavasya,Tharpana Explained..

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Movement of the Moon.

Mahalaya Paksha . 30th September 2016,Friday.

Pitru Paksha 2017 Dates

05 September (Tuesday) Purnima Shraddha
06 September (Wednesday) Pratipada Shraddha
07 September (Thursday) Dwitiya Shraddha
08 September (Friday) Tritiya Shraddha
09 September (Saturday) Chaturthi Shraddha
10 September (Sunday) Maha Bharani, Panchami Shraddha
11 September (Monday) Shashthi Shraddha
12 September (Tuesday) Saptami Shraddha
13 September (Wednesday) Ashtami Shraddha
14 September (Thursday) Navami Shraddha
15 September (Friday) Dashami Shraddha
16 September (Saturday) Ekadashi Shraddha
17 September (Sunday) Dwadashi Shraddha, Trayodashi Shraddha
18 September (Monday) Magha Shraddha, Chaturdashi Shraddha
19 September (Tuesday) Sarva Pitru Amavasy


Mahalaya Paksha 2018 dates.

24 September (Monday) Purnima Shraddha
25 September (Tuesday) Pratipada Shraddha
26 September (Wednesday) Dwitiya Shraddha
27 September (Thursday) Tritiya Shraddha
28 September (Friday) Maha BharaniChaturthi Shraddha
29 September (Saturday) Panchami Shraddha
30 September (Sunday) Shashthi Shraddha
01 October (Monday) Saptami Shraddha
02 October (Tuesday) Ashtami Shraddha
03 October (Wednesday) Navami Shraddha
04 October (Thursday) Dashami Shraddha
05 October (Friday) Ekadashi Shraddha
06 October (Saturday) Magha ShraddhaDwadashi Shraddha
07 October (Sunday) Trayodashi ShraddhaChaturdashi Shraddha
08 October (Monday) Sarva Pitru Amavasya

The period between New Moon and Full Moon in Simha Maasa (approximately in September)for 15 days is named as Mahalaya Paksha.

Lunar Calendar of Hindus divides a month with reference to the waxing and waning of the Moon,into two.(for details on Hindu/Indian Calculation of Time’ please read my Blog’TIME-Non-Linear Theory,filed in Astrophysics).

The waxing period is called Sukla Paksha(Sukla in Sanskrit means White,  here indicates the waxing of the Moon),ending in Full Moon, Pounima, also called Pournamasya.

The waning period is called Krishna Paksha( Krishna means Black),culminating in New Moon called Amavasya.

Each Paksha has 14 Days ,one Amavasya and one Pournima makes a Month.

One is expected to perform the duties due to the Departed daily, that is do Tharppana daily.

This applies all Castes, Brahmana,Kshatriya ,Vaisya and Sudra.

We have conveniently omitted to follow the Sastras, by saying that the Srardha and Tharppana  are to be performed only by  Brahmins .

We also have made it a habit of performing Tharppana only on Amavasya,Beginning of the New Month,Mahalaya ,Aadi ,Grahana( Eclipses)  periods and Srardha Thithi.

This Behavior is not  sanctioned by The Sastras.

Of all The Tharppanas ,Mahalaya Tharppana is very Special.

This period falls in The Dakshinayana-movement of the Sun to Southern Latitudes ,this is for six months.

This begins from Adi and extends up to Makara Sankaranthi ( January 14)

In the Dakshinayana,the Devas and Pitrus(ancestors) are said to be asleep and the wake up in Uttarayana (from January 14 for six months )

We are expected to perform Thrappana during the entire Paksha starting from Amavasya in Simha Masa till Pournima- for 14 days.

The habit of doing only on Maha Barani,Maha Navami etc are procedures we have invented ourselves because of our reluctance/laziness.

One has to perform Sandhya Vandana-Madhyanniham,follow it up with Brahma Yagnam, then do the Tharppana daily on all the fourteen days.

At the beginning, changing Upaveedham is recommended.

Tharppna/Srardha should be performed only after 12 Noon-after Madhyanniha.

It is highly recommended to feed the Hungry-not necessarily Brahmins.

Better locate some one who is hungry as you go out on the Day, take him / her to a hotel and feed them.

Avoid paying cash.

Ideal would be to feed the hungry at your Home.One might also gift people who are needy with new clothes,Foot wear,umbrella and winter clothes.

Feed the cows and Dogs.

Benefits of Tharppana/Srardha.

Sastras  declare that there is no atonement for failing to perform the Tharppana and Srardha.

Of all the curses, Piru Saapa (curse), along with Sumangali Saapa (curse by women who expired when husbands  are alive) are the Deadliest.

Those who perform these Karmas will be blessed with Children, Grand Children. Wealth;will be free of chronic diseases,irritating circumstances and inexplicable problems in the family.

If the ancestors Bless us( we are here because of them), God follows suit.

If parents curse us,(which a parent rarely does) , even God will let us down.


12 responses to “Mahalaya Amavasya,Tharpana Explained..”

  1. Sir,
    The tharpanam is to be done prior to brahmayagnam after madhyani kam and not after brahmayagnam as written. Brahmayagnam is the concluding ritual.
    Secondly there is no expectation of any benefits of doing this. Like parents feed their children because only they can and must out of the love, so too in case of tharpanam,you do this out of love and but any expectation or fear.


    • I have taken reference from Anna Subrahmanya Iyer(RK Mutt Sandhya Vandana) for Brahma Yagnya.Brahma Yagnya is a Nithya Karma and as such has to be performed daily.Tharpana is to be performed after this.And Tharapana is to be performed after Madhyannika as you have pointed out.Please send sources/links for yor information to effect changes in the Post Karma is to be performed as it is mandatory..Regds.


      • Please consult on this with who studied dharma sastram and doing achara/Santhanam. What you said is applicable for normal days. But on tharpanam day, Brahma yagnam is the last as Pitru Karyam takes the priority. Other things has to wait – except Sandyavandanams.Any daily puja/ neivedyams to devatas should be done only after tharpanam.


      • Brahma yagnya and Madhyannikam precede Tharpana. Ref. Anna Subrahnmya Iyer in Sandhyavandanam,Available wit RK Mutt. Regards.


  2. With what dress code for performing tharppanams? Some says dry and others says wet. Describe with perfect advice


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