Why Moon Is Not Bathed In Earth-shine In Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is a natural event that takes place on Earth when the Moon moves in its orbit between Earth and the Sun (this is also known as an occultation). … Continue reading Why Moon Is Not Bathed In Earth-shine In Solar Eclipse?

Where Are These Muslims?

Siddique was nowhere to be found.

While we were preparing the body for funeral.

He came, inebriated, crying , demanding that he be allowed to carry my father’s body to the cremation ground.

The priests objected to this, him being a Muslim.

My eldest brother said that Siddique was more attached to our father than us and my father reciprocated that.

Siddique carried the body.

Types of Sraddha One Hundred Sixteen

I have posted a few articles on Sraddha,Rites for the departed , including text of Mantras ans Mahalaya Paksha Procedure.

I shall be posting a series of articles in detail on various aspects of Sraddha.

Here are the types of Sraddha to be performed.

They are one hundred sixteen in number.

Sraddha the ceremony performed for the ancestors is of different types.

Stricly speaking Sraddha has to be performed daily.

Definition of Sraddha.

देशे काले च पात्रे च श्रद्धया विधिना च यत् ।
पितृनुद्दिश्य विप्रेभ्यो दत्तं श्राद्धमुदाहृत् ।। – ब्रह्मपुराण

Lalita Shodasi Fiftten Nithya Devis List Explanation

The Moon is considered as a Devata in Hinduism.

It is reckoned as a Planet in Indian Astrology.

Moon rules the mind and is responsible for the soundness of mind.

If the Moon sign is not favorable, one is assailed by doubts,indecision, confusion ans depression.

Moon waxes and wanes.

From the New Moon day(Amavasya), it waxes.

This period of waxing till the Full Moon (Poornima) is called the Shukla Paksha, Shulka means white.