Tipu Sultan Destroyed A Jyotirlinga Temple Taliparambha Mahadeva

it is normal and fashionable for self styled intellectuals and historians in India to paint a religious bigot and a killer as a patriot and worship him as a hero.Killer of Mandya Brahmins,who forcibly circumcised Hindus,made Brahmins eat Beef,killed over thirty thousand people in Malabar,now Kerala…Tipu Sultan.There is also a canard that he protected Hindu temples and donated a gem to Sringeri Mutt. Why he donated it is mentioned in my article.

Tipu Sultan destroyed a Temple in Talliparambha, Kerala and its remains can be seen even today.

The Rajarajeshwara temple is a Shiva temple located in Taliparamba in Kannur district of Kerala, India. The temple is regarded as one of the existing 108 ancient Shiva Temples of ancient Kerala. It also has a prominent place amongst the numerous Shiva temples in South India.[2] It had the tallest shikhara amongst the temples of its time. The Rajarajeshwara temple has a top of about 90 tonnes. If any problem is encountered in the other temples of South India, devotees seek a solution in this temple through a prashnam, a traditional method of astrological decision making. Legendarily, it was supposedly renovated by Sage Parashurama, long before the Kali Yuga commenced. Several centuries ago, it was renovated by the Mushika (Kolathiri) dynasty kings. This temple was rebuilt into its present form in the early eleventh century. The quadrangular sanctum has a two-tiered pyramidal roof; in front of the sanctum is the namaskara mandapam, but the temple has no kodi maram (flagstaff), unlike others in Kerala. Only Hindus are permitted to enter.

Temple Destroyed by Tipu Sultan. Talliparambha,Kerala .
Taliparambha Temple

The temple at Taliparamba is among the 108 ancient Kerala temples dedicated to Shiva. It is as famous as the Shiva temples in Vaikom, Ettumanur and Trichur.

Taliparamba is also regarded as one of the ancient Shakti Peethams. Legend has it that the head of Sati (Goddess/ wife of Shiva) fell here after Shiva’s tandavam following Sati’s self-immolation. Sati was the daughter of Daksh, a respected Hindu king who had a disregard for Shiva.

The Shiva Linga here is believed to be several thousands of years old. Legend has it that Shiva gave 13 sacred Shivalingas to Parvati/Sati to worship. One sage, Maandhata, propitiated Lord Shiva with intense prayers. Shiva was so pleased that he presented one of the Shiva Lingas to him with the injunction that it should be installed only at a place where there was no cremation ground. The sage, after searching all over, found Taliparamba the most sacred spot where he installed the Shiva Linga.

After his death the Linga disappeared into the earth. Then his son Muchukunda offered similar prayers to Shiva and got a second Shiva Linga, which too disappeared in course of time. Centuries passed. The third Shiva Linga was handed down to Satasoman, a king of Mushaka/Kolathiri/Chirakkal Royal Family, who then ruled the region. He was an ardent devotee of Shiva. On the advice of sage Agastya, he prayed to Lord Siva, who granted him the Shiva Linga. The king installed it in the present temple built by him. However, as per many legends associated with the Temple, Agastya Himself installed the Shiva Linga (which is believed as per those legends to be a ‘Jyothirlingam


The temple had a gigantic Gopuram or Watch tower in its Eastern side which was majestic in nature. Historians says, it was one of the biggest in Kerala.Kerala temples donot have huge Rajagopurams or Royal Gateways unlike our neighbouring Tamil Nadu. But few Royal temples indeed had and Rajarajeswara temple did have one such. Infact this temple’s Gopuram inspired Sakthan Thampuran Maharaja of Kochi to commission similar ones in Thrissur’s Vadakumnathan temple which has 4 such Gopurams (this temple had only 1 structure). But that was indeed very huge.However during Tipu’s invasion, this gopuram structure was destroyed partially. I used the term Partially, because only the upper levels of the structure got destroyed while the lower and its foundation stones remained intact. The upper levels were made of soft laterite, while lower levels with Granite and Laterite. Historians believe, it wasn’t razed down, rather it was mostly blown up with Artillery as the ground floor and basement levels remained intact while roofing collapsed. It remains like that for centuries and still remain so.


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3 responses to “Tipu Sultan Destroyed A Jyotirlinga Temple Taliparambha Mahadeva”

  1. Leftover residue muslim rascals of tipu sultan are still celebrating that most atrocious inhuman tipu sultan even today in Tamilnadu!…. And in South India Dindigul Town they have also built a monument few years back to that atrocious mughal in the government proboke land with the help of this dravida/dravisa party politicians!!…..


  2. Dear Sir, I am very much thankful to you for truly exposing all the atrocities committed by the mughals and muslim rascals throughout the history and even today. In my opinion islam is the most stupid so called religion with utmost unscientific and with unbelievable systems!….


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