Tipu Destroyed Temples Donation Of Linga Sringeri Mutt

There is a widespread belief that Tipu Sultan was  a benevolent Ruler and he made donations to Hindu Temple,

Following my post on Tipu Sultan”s persecution of Hindus , in his own words there were comments, especially in Quora that Tipu made donations to Hindu Temples  and that I should publish that as well.

Gem from Tipu Sultan's Treasure
Navaratna pendant from Tipu Sultan’s Treasure.

My articles are only meant to inform people of the Inaccuracies  and deliberate misinterpretations of History.

There is no question of any other motive.

For those who accuse me of biased posts, I would like to state that I would post about any subject, barring Porn and wilful defamation if I receive authentic information.

I will be dealing with the partial demolition of Babri Masjid in detail with authentic resources.

Yes there is information that Tipu Sultan donated to Hindu Temples.

“Those disparaging Tipu Sultan for communal reasons should be aware that he made numerous gifts to temples, notably the Srikanteshwara temple at Nanjangud and Sri Ranganathaswamy temple at Srirangapatana, donated 10,000 gold coins to complete the temple at Kanchi, settled the disputes between the two sects of priests at the Melukote temple, while his several letters to Sringeri Shankaracharya speaks volumes of his respect to Hindusism, according to Prof. Ali, who said the present prejudice against Tipu Sultan was a fallout of the bias of colonial historians because Tipu had challenged the British paramountcy in India.”( The Hindu, January 19,2013)

Tipu’s Affection for Sringeri Mutt.

The Sringeri Mutt possesses 47 letters addressed by Tipu Sultan to the then Shankaracharya Sri Sacchidananda Bharati III (1770 – 1814). Dr. A. K. Shastry has in his book ‘The records of the Sringeri Dharmasamsthana’, translated and commented upon these letters.

This letter was written by Tipu on Wednesday, June 24th, 1795 (8th day of the dark half of Jyestha, Raksasa Samvata of the Hindu calendar) in Kannada and bore at the top, his round emblem with tiger stripes. The letter begins with a salaam to the Guru.

Tipu says that he depends on 3 sources of strength (‘Mooru Bala’ in Kannada).
The first being the belief that God is merciful (‘Eeshwara Dayapurnavagide’ in Kannada).
The second being the blessings of teachers like the Shankaracharya (‘Nimmantha Gurugala Ashirvada’ in Kannada).
The third being the prowess of arms (‘Ayudhabala’ in kannada).”

Tipu ends the letter with the gift of a crystalline Linga to the Guru and a request to the Guru to worship it. The letter ends with Tipu Sultan’s seal and signature.”

Yet there is evidence that he destroyed 8000 temples.

“”In the month of Chingam 952, Malayalam Era (corresponding to August, 1786) Tippu’s Army destroyed idols of the famous Perumanam Temple and desecrated all the temples between Trichur and Karuvannur river. ”

Hemambika Temple of Kallekulangara, also known as Emoor Bhagavathy temple, the Family Deity (Kula Devata) of the royal family of Palakkad.

Keraladhiswara Maha Vishnu Temple, Tanur Town, Malappuram Dist.

Jain Temple in Palghat .

“Irinjalakuda Tiruvilvamala Temple dedicated to Rama and Lakshmana. It is a twin temple complex situated on top of Vilvadri Hill which is located to the North of Thrissur Town.

Mammiyur Siva Temple in Guruvayur Town.

Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple, in Methala Panchayat, south of Kodungallur Municipal town on NH 17.

Triprangode Siva Temple near Tirur.

Thrichabaram Sri Krishna Temple near Taliparamba, Kannur Dist.

Taliparamba Siva Temple, Kannur District.

Tiruvanjikulam Siva temple near Kodungallur.

Vadakkum-Nathan Temple of Trichur.

Varakkal DurgaTemple, West Hill Kozhikode.

Trikkandiyur Mahadeva Temple, Tirur Town, Malappuram Dist.

Sukapuram Dakshinaamoorthy Temple, near Edappal, Malappuram.

Vadukunda Siva temple at Vengara village Kannur District.

Pariharapuram Subrahmanya Temple, Ramanathakara, Kozhikode District.

Vadukunda Siva Temple of Madai, Kannur District.

Thrikkavu Durga Temple of Ponnani was converted into Military Garrison.

According to the Malabar Gazetteer, the following important temples were destroyed by Tippu’s Army.

Tali Mahadeva Temple, Kozhikode.

Sree Valayanadu Bhagavathy Temple, Govindapuram, Calicut.

Tiruvannur Siva Temple, Kozhikode.

Shri thirpuraikal Bhadrakali Temple, Puthur, Palakkad District.

Narayankannur temple at Ramantali, Kannur District.

Even the Tirunavaya Temple known all over India as a centre of Rig Veda teaching was destroyed. Tippu personally ordered the destruction of Calicut which was the capital of the Zamorin Rajas.

In the case of Triprayar Temple, the main deity was shifted temporarily to Gnanappilly Mana situated in a remote village. However, both of them were brought back and ceremoniously installed after the withdrawal of Tippu from Malabar towards the end of 1790.

Following the route of his father Hyder Ali who attacked Guruvayur in 1766, Tippu Sultan attacked Guruvayur temple in 1789 after destroying the Mammiyur Shiva Temple and two other Sri Krishna Temples in the vicinity of the famous Guruvayur Temple. Those two Sri Krishna Temples destroyed in the town of Guruvayur by Tippu have being recovered by the Hindus; one is being renovated as the Parthasarathy Temple and the other one as Tirupathy Balaji Temple.

The 4,000 year old Narasimhamoorthy Temple near Angadipuram was destroyed by Tippu’s Army, rebuilt in 1946 and destroyed again by the Moplah Muslims.






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  1. In 1790 Tipu was defeated by British Army at Malappuram. Simultaneously, in Srirangapatnam, unease among people and revolt of Tipu Army in Fort was brewing. Faced with such hostilities in diff fronts, Tippu started to slow down his Anti-Hindu stance and did few donations to Sringeri Seers. That is all. Tippu’s hatred to Hindus is known. He massacred 800 Iyengars of Melkote. Similar act at Kodagu, Dakshin Kannada, Malappuram etc.


  2. Why digging of old history….some hindus bulit temple on buddhist site…some muslims buit masjid on hindu site….christians also did it …..religion is a tool.of political dominance it was used in the pre independence India by the kings and it is used even today inthis modern era….demolishion of babri masjid is one of instant….
    History has dark past…no religion is saint here…christian,muslims,buddhist,hindus all.used or misused religion for their political.dominance……

    The modern era kings aka politicians also use it they know it is easily available tool and people will fell prey to it….


    1. Unfortunately efforts are made to distort History.
      Look at our school text books,
      My purpose is to record facts.
      A culture that does not know it history, has no future.


  3. It is a shame that even as late as 1946 people are destroying a place of worship and the whole world just witnessed. Shame, shame to mankind, brotherhood…..


  4. tippu destroyed temples at the time of conquest;after conquest,he donated to temples of his subjects who accepted his rule;first is loot and second is appeasement;


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