Hindu Temple Ruin Star Gate In Mexico?

I have written some posts on the influence of Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism in Guatemala. Also on the temples of Hanuman, his Makartahdwaja in Honduras, Chichen Itza resembling the Sanctum of Chidambaram Nataraja Temple. And on the 1000 pillars of Madurai Meenakshi Amman  Design being found in Chichen Itza Guatemala. Now I have come information that … Continue reading Hindu Temple Ruin Star Gate In Mexico?

Womb The Home Garbha Griha Temple Sanctum

One is born from a woman, ends up in Earth. Hinduism accords the respect these deserve. A woman is called Gruha Lakshmi, one who brings Prosperity to Home. Tamil calls her Illal, one who owns/rules the Home.

Balamon Cham Brahmins Of Vietnam

Australian Aborigines perform Shiva's Third Eye dance and some of them wear Srivaishnava marks on their forehead even today. Lord Rama's Kingdom was spread over this area. Tamil Kings who were the followers of Santana Dharma also conquered these Nations ans established their rule there. The left their mark, social, cultural and religious. This may by noticed by looking at the Hindu Temples in these regions and the cultural similarities in the region.

Garuda Vishnu’s Mount Increases Weight Every Stage Nachiyar Koil

There are quite a few strange things/events associated with Hindu Temples in India. There are Temples where Snake comes and offers pooja to Shiva, Sun bathes Idols on a specific day,temple emerges from the sea at a fixed Time,where Crows do not fly over the temple Tower..the list goes on. Now add one more to this list.

Vishnu Feet In Humayun Tomb

As it happens with me, i stumbled to some information which is worth writing about. Lord Vishnu's Feet have been found on Humayun Tomb. And the Humayun tomb was built on a Vishnu Pada Temple. Stephen Knapp had published a Photo of this.