Hindu Temple Ruin Star Gate In Mexico?

I have written some posts on the influence of Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism in Guatemala.

Also on the temples of Hanuman, his Makartahdwaja in Honduras, Chichen Itza resembling the Sanctum of Chidambaram Nataraja Temple.

And on the 1000 pillars of Madurai Meenakshi Amman  Design being found in Chichen Itza Guatemala.

Now I have come information that there is a temple among the ruins North Guatemala.

Though the ruins are in a bad shape, the Hindu Temple structure is clearly identifiable.

The temple design seems , to me, a one on the lines of Orissa Temples, especially the Konark Sun Temple.

I had written on the fact Kulothunga Chola’s descendant built the Konarak Sun Temple.

Considering the impact of Tamils in the Mayan area, the information that there is a ruin resembling Hindu temple adds to the evidence that Sanatana Dharma was present in Central America.

There are also speculations that there is a Star Gate in the Area.

This resembles the Dharma Chakra of Buddhism and Kala Chakra of Hinduism.

Hindu Temple ruins in in Mexico?jpg
Hindu Temple ruins in Mexico? Image credit.www.iherp.com


Kaala Chakra In Mexico?.jpg.
Kaala Chakra In Mexico. Image credit.ww.pinterst.com/pin/240238961346254217

The above picture is about 90 years old. It has been circulated around my family for its entire existence, but has always been kept secret. Just recently, it was handed down to me along with the story I’m about to tell you.

My great uncle, a self-proclaimed explorer and amateur archeologist, traveled across the entire Americas during his later years in the mid-1910s. During one of his expeditions around North Guatemala, he heard a tale of an ancient forgotten city and extinct civilization that had been around for thousands of years from some of the locals around this area. He decided to investigate further and gathered a team of local hands, along with his wife and travel companion, who most of the time was the person taking photographs as “evidence” of their discoveries.

During those days and even today, most of the land around the northern part of Guatemala is a vast jungle with dense forest and wild life. His expedition to the site lasted almost two weeks by foot, during which time they suffered many hardships. At the end of the two weeks, they finally reached their destination. At first, it looked like a regular white sand beach that had been eroded continuously for thousands of years. But as they kept walking, they were able to see from the distance the ruins that had been carved into the cliffs of the beach, along with what seemed to be an arch, but later uncovered as a circle of some sort. Once they entered the ancient city, the writing on the walls and items left behind by its inhabitants seemed to be of a much more advanced race than that of the Mayans or Aztecs that also lived nearby. The one odd thing noted by him was that on most of the scriptures carved into the wall seemed to resemble a modern day alphabet, but none that he could decipher during his short stay.

Upon his return to the civilized and modern part of Guatemala, he was greeted by many locals who were curious at his findings. Word traveled quickly and it spread all the way to the Guatemalan government, who quickly confiscated all of the items brought back, along with almost all of the film that was taken during the expedition, of which this picture is the last remaining evidence.

The path to reach this city has since been forgotten through time and swallowed by the deep vegetation in the forest. But according to my great uncle, the knowledge within those walls would alter the history of humanity as we know it.’


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