Hindu Temple Ruin Star Gate In Mexico?

I have written some posts on the influence of Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism in Guatemala. Also on the temples of Hanuman, his Makartahdwaja in Honduras, Chichen Itza resembling the Sanctum of Chidambaram Nataraja Temple. And on the 1000 pillars of Madurai Meenakshi Amman  Design being found in Chichen Itza Guatemala. Now I have come information that…… Continue reading Hindu Temple Ruin Star Gate In Mexico?

Madurai Temple Design 1000 Pillars Tikal Guatemala Chichen Itza

Thousand Pillar Hall, Madurai.

Not only this.

One finds the ruins of a Thousand Pillars ,Aayirangal Mantapam, in Tikal, called warriors Tomb as the one in Madurai.

I may add that many South Indian Temples have the 1000 pillars, e.g.Chidambaram.Warangal

Considering that Meenakshi was a Queen and her husband was Shiva, who is a pre Sanatana Dharma Deity, I should have looked deeper in the Americas about the Tamil presence.

I had written that Satyavrta Manu, ancestor of Lord Rama migrated to Ayodhya and his son Ikshvaku

Chichén Itzá Chidambaram Nataraja Sanctum Identical

The term Maya itself may be from the word Maya, who is the sculptor illusionist of the Asuras( auras means one who is powerful-please read my post on this).

He is the one who built the House of wax in the Mahabharata to entrap the Pandavas and he also built the Palace in Indraprastha,now called Delhi.

( Duryodhana, mistaking the Floor to be water, so well was the floor designed, fell to the ground, Draupadi laughed and Duryodhana vowed to get even with her for insulting him).

The Maya word K’ultanlini refers to the divine power and has obvious similarities to the Sanskrit word Kundalini which also refers to the life power and the power of consciousness.

California Crop Circle Binary Code

There have been reports of Crop Circles in California,US.

I have posted on this.

The Crop Circle seems to have a Computer Chip like image.

Many Ufologists have been maintaining that messages are being left by Aliens in Binary in these Crop Circles.

Sometime back a Binary Code in an Italian Crop Circle was reported to have been found.